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Whisky Blended 'Private Stock' Adelphi

Whisky Blended 'Private Stock' Adelphi


Adelphi's Blended Whisky "Private Stock" is produced to a calibrated blend of selected Scottish Whiskys from some Speyside and Islay distilleries. It has an intriguing and soft, round and enveloping flavor that seduces the nose with its hints of vanilla, dried fruit, honey and pleasant peated flavors




Pinot Noir 45%, Pinot Meunier 45%, Chardonnay 10%


Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Second fermentation in bottle according to Champenoise or Classic Method


Some years in oak wood barrels


The Whiskey Blended "Private Stock" of Adelphi is a label of a historic distillery, which has established itself in the world of Scottish Whisky by bottling high quality spirits. The Blended represents the result of a long experience in evaluating and selecting the best matches or individual barrels, to always offer the best. It represents the private reserve of this independent distillery and is made with a blend of whiskies that come from various areas of Scotland, especially from the regions of Speyside, Campbeltown and Islay. The result is an intense, complex and harmonious Whisky, with elegant and balanced aromas.

The "Private Stock" Blended Whisky is born in a distillery of ancient traditions, which has always loved to enhance the best whiskey from different territories. Adelphi Distillery is a brand linked to tradition, which still today offers very interesting labels, including Blended, a successful blend with an immediate and direct sip, which offers a good complexity of aromas and aromas. It is a Whisky with a unique and particular profile, which highlights the great quality of the selection of Whisky and the extraordinary competence of the Master distillers in finding the perfect aromatic balance and offering a distillate of great pleasure to drink.

The Whiskey Blended by Adelphi is a true synthesis of the best expressions of the land of Scotland. The distillery, usually famous for bottling Whiskies from a single barrel, in this case uses the best games of the house reserve to create a distillate absolutely unique, combining the softness of Speyside Whisky, the typicality of Campbeltown and the characteristic peat notes of the island of Islay. It has a bright amber colour with bright antique gold reflections. The bouquet is complex, with notes of ripe yellow fruit, hints of malt, hints of tropical fruit, sweet spices, nuances of peat and light iodine memories. The palate is intense and pleasantly rich, with elegant aromas, a savory and harmonious finish.


Amber with bronze tints


Enveloping, smooth, round and harmonious, with long pleasantly peaty memories


Intense notes of nuts, sweet spices, honey, caramel and peaty shades