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Whisky 'Double Black' Johnnie Walker

Whisky 'Double Black' Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker

The "Double Black" Whisky by Johnny Walker is a very intense and smoked blended, assembled with single malt, very torbate Ilay and West Coast and aged in old and toasted barrels. Creamy, velvety and intriguing, it is characterized by smoky aromas of vanilla and citrus fruits, malt and black pepper




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


About 12 years in charred oak barrels


The Wihisky “Double Black Label” is one of the creatures of the brand Johnnie Walker, originally known as Walker's Kilmarnock Whisky, so named by John "Johnnie" Walker after he started to sell whiskey in his grocery shop in Ayrshire, Scotland. Johnnie Walker Scotch whiskey is now the most sold in the world and continues to be distilled at Kilmarnock, along with the company's historic warehouses and offices (now local authority), who still live in the streets of Strand Street and John Finnie Street. The Johnnie Walker Double Black Label whiskey is a character from the intense and smoky aftertaste with unique characteristics. The nose has hints of smoke with hints of vanilla, citrus and malt. The taste is creamy and full-bodied, has a core of very pleasant malt. It has a surprising level of peat smoke that blends well the drink and the aftertaste. Hits the creamy sweetness, memories of smoke not intrusive characteristic of soft wood and aging in oak barrels very charred. It perceives the salted butter, cream and cereal grains. The finish is of good length, with sweet notes of malt, cooked and smoked and black pepper.


Mahogany intense


Creamy, intriguing, beautiful and long aftertaste smoked


Smoky notes, with hints of vanilla, citrus and malt