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Whisky Single Malt 'Gold Box' Aberfeldy 12 Anni

Whisky Single Malt 'Gold Box' Aberfeldy 12 Anni


Aberfeldy 12 Years Old Whisky is a rich and full-bodied Single Malt from Highlands, aged in ex-Bourbon barrels. Its aromatic profile is marked by clear notes of honey, vanilla, malt and sweet spices. The taste is smooth, intense and round, balanced and persistent




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


12 years in ex-Bourbon oak barrels


Single Malt Whisky aged 12 Years and produced by the Aberfeldy distillery is a perfect example of great Highland Scotch. Its intense and rich profile, with soft fruity and malty notes, captivates with an enveloping and very harmonious sip. Aging in noble woods allows the whisky to achieve remarkable aromatic complexity, ranging from fruity and honeyed notes to malty and spicy sensations. Persistent and warm, it is a Whisky particularly suitable for those who love the typical Highlands style or otherwise prefer distillates with a broad and persuasive taste.

Aberfeldy's Single Malt 12-Year Whisky was born in the green heart of Scotland. The distillery was founded as far back as 1896, and after working for other famous brands, it bottled and marketed the first Whisky under its own name in 1999. The quality of the distillate immediately won over enthusiasts, who appreciated the fine Single Malt. In addition to the excellent quality malt, the distillery can rely on the crystal clear water of the Pitlie Burn stream, which is particularly light and rich in minerals. The production processes have remained linked to the oldest traditions, with long processing times and great craftsmanship. Thanks to these characteristics, Aberfeldy Whiskies are considered among the most interesting single malts in the Highlands.

Aberfeldy's Single Malt 12 Years is a Whisky made from a selection of quality barley malt at one of the historic Highland distilleries. At the end of the distillation process in classic copper stills, the Whisky rests for 12 years in Oak barrels previously used for aging American Bourbon, which help to transfer a particular aromatic richness to the distillate. In the glass it has an amber color with brilliant old gold highlights. The nose is intense, with voluptuous aromas of honey, malt, vanilla, oriental spices, ripe fruit, dried fruit and hints of noble woods. The sip is broad, dense with complex and persistent aromas, leading toward a finish that closes on pleasantly honeyed notes.


Deep amber with golden tints


Smooth and full-bodied, with aromas of honey and fruits, balanced and persistent


Intense and immediate, of honey, malt, dried fruits, noble woods, vanilla and other sweet spices