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Oggero Alberto

Oggero rhymes with Roero: looking for the balance between Arneis and Nebbiolo
Region Piemonte (Italia)
Foundation Year 2009
Vineyard hectares 5.5
Annual production 25.000 bt
Address Alberto Oggero, Frazione S.S. Trinità, 21 - 12040 Santo Stefano Roero CN

A young and curious first-generation winemaker, a meticulous worker and craftsman, a radical piemuntèis: Alberto Oggero is this and much more, himself re-discovering himself with each passing day, let alone understanding him completely from the outside! A producer in and of the Roero, madly in love with the typical grapes of the territory that he treats with care and great respect: this is the starting point.

Many people wonder what the difference is between Nebbiolo di Langa and Roero; the truth is that dwelling on the differences, rather than the uniqueness, is as useless and misleading as ever. To know the uniqueness of Roero, one must go there: walk among the steeply sloping vineyards, get one's shoes dirty with the sand in which the soils are rich, breathe in the air, and observe in the distance the small villages that stand out on the hills. Alberto has forged a visceral bond with this land, that has accompanied him in his youth and now hosts what has become his winery.

The year zero is 2009, the first vintage is 2010, before that he dedicated himself to study at the Enologica in Alba and do some experimentation here and there with Nebbiolo together with grandfather Sandro, to whom he owes much of his wine passion and to whom he dedicates the red 'Sandro d'Pindeta'. Today it is he, together with his little dog Taxi, who welcomes visitors in Frazione Santissima Trinità to his small, homely winery, with its vinous, rustic aromas of times gone by, with cement tanks and tonneaux in which the wine rests without anxiety or worry. "Why is it normal for everyone to wait for Nebbiolo, while the same thing does not apply to Arneis?": one of Alberto's most frequent worries is precisely this, and his desire, which is embodied in each of his labels, is to reverse this common thought as far as possible, allowing Arneis to have the right time to evolve and, conversely, making Nebbiolo's profile more drinkable and agile. His goal is to draw a horizontal line between these two varieties, find a balance between them and get to tickle the palate of those who will drink his wines. No matter if white or red, the real need for Alberto, together with his winemaker friends with whom he started the SoloRoero collective, is to communicate Roero: "for me the grape variety is prescindible, it is the territory that has to speak!"

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