Classic and modern Valpolicella: a winery that is famous all over the world

Allegrini winery is certainly one of the great names of Italian wine, fine representative of the Valpolicella area and witnessed a constant search for quality within their own bottles. The founder, Giovanni Allegrini, has given an impression evident from an early age to his own company, focusing on the enhancement of his territory and an ambitious management of labor in the vineyard. Now, after the death of Giovanni and his oldest son Walter, the head of the winery is in the hands of the sons, Franco and Marilisa, who inherited all the passion and expertise from their father, allowing Allegrini to be confirmed year after year at the top of Italian wine. This is the land of Amarone Valpolicella wine more and more recognized and appreciated worldwide for its unique character: a wine that Allegrini can boast a production of the highest quality. Amarone, Soave and also some international grapes, for a variety of bottles of really great value: this is certainly the main reason to discover all the expertise of Allegrini wines.


Foundation Year
Hectares of Vines
Owned grapes
Year production
1.300.000 bt
Franco Allegrini
Allegrini, Via Giare, 5 - 37022 Fumane Valpolicella (VR)
Allegrini Wines