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A visceral and beautiful love for wine brings Ancarani's bottles to life
Region Emilia Romagna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1994
Vineyard hectares 15
Annual production 45.000 bt
Address via S. Biagio Antico 14, loc. Santa Lucia - 48018 Faenza (RA)

The Ancarani winery is a small estate run by the family of the same name, located in Santa Lucia, a hamlet of Faenza. We find ourselves in Emilia-Romagna, a region where cordiality, excellent cuisine and interesting wines go hand in hand, providing a very enjoyable atmosphere. In 1934, grandfather Pietro, known as Delmo, bought the first hectares of land and handed them down to future generations, with the task of protecting them, loving them and sharing their story. Today it is Claudio who looks after the land, a true and authentic winemaker, who puts his passion and dedication into every single aspect. He is a visionary and imaginative individual who dedicates himself to a completely artisanal style of production, in which quality and consumer protection are always guaranteed, through honest and enjoyable wines with a strong identity.

The vineyards of the Ancarani winery are located near the fortress of Oriolo, in the hills of Faenza, where the production of excellent wines has always been assured. Throughout the rows, strictly native vines are grown, such as Sangiovese, Burson, Centesimino, Famoso and many others, which are cultivated respecting ancient traditional techniques. Production in the vineyard is limited to the natural characteristics of the terroir, and the grape bunches are pruned and carefully selected to ensure a richer bouquet and healthier grapes. Sulphites are reduced to a minimum, and Ancarani follows a philosophy that strives to protect the values of biodiversity and sustainability, paying close attention to the correct functioning of the ecosystem. In the cellar, maceration is averagely long in order to transfer all the components present in the grapes to each individual wine variety.

Each harvest, Ancarani produces just over 40,000 bottles, spread over nine different labels, mostly made up of white wines. This range of pure and genuine wines is energetic and reveals Claudio's desire to impress. "Biagio Antico', 'Oriolo' and 'Santa Lusa' are just a few of the products that deserve more than just a taste, as shown by the excellent ratings received nationally by the leading wine guides.

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