Ancient traditions and craftsmanship for a modern Scotch

Inside Knockdhu distillery, in the remote and picturesque village of Knockin in Aberdeenshire, are produced, following traditional methods, extraordinary Single Malt Whiskies, appreciated all over the world and known by the name of 'anCnoc'. Knockin is located in the north of Scotland and overlooks the North Sea.

Here the distillery was founded in 1892 by the young and enterprising John Morris from an estate surrounded by cultivated lands of peat and barley and populated by pure and clear water springs. In 1894 started the production of whisky, imposed very soon as one of the most unique and compelling expressions of the Scottish spirit.

The distillery is still using the historic copper stills, capable of giving a unique and unmistakable flavor to the vaporized alcohol. The distillate is aged in American and Spanish oak casks, previously used for bourbon and sherry.

Born from passion and Scottish tradition, the anCnoc Single Malts whiskies are modern, with refined taste and high quality (determined by the use of top-level grain and the handcrafted production techniques). Often delicate and fresh, the bottles signed anCnoc represent one of the most modern and genuine expressions of the Scottish distillation.


Distillati principali
Foundation Year
Master Distiller
Gordon Bruce
Huntly, Aberdeenshire AB54 7LJ, Regno Unito
The Whisky by AnCnoc