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Bertani: excellence from Valpolicella
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1857
Vineyard hectares 200
Annual production 1.500.000 bt
Address Bertani, Via Asiago, 2 - 37023 Grezzana (VR)
Oenologist Andrea Lonardi

For more than a century, Bertani has represented the excellence of Veneto wine in Italy and around the world. Its story begins way back in 1850, when Gaetano Bertani decided to take a trip to Burgundy with his friend, oenologist Jules Guyot, to discover the secrets of viticulture and winemaking in a region that was already producing excellent, world-renowned wines at the time. In light of the knowledge and skills acquired during their French sojourn, in 1857 brothers Giovan Battista and Gaetano Bertani decided to establish a family winery in the lands of Valpolicella. The Bertani brand still represents one of the region's main wine landmarks, thanks to a corporate philosophy that has remained consistent over time with the values of uncompromising quality and a style based on elegance.

Underlying this success is a deep knowledge of and great respect for the territory. Bertani has always placed the land at the center of its project as the value and prerequisite of all company activity. The commitment has always been aimed at enhancing the characteristics of the terroir to try to bring out its best qualities. Over the years, the Bertani winery has been able to select the most valuable and historically vocated areas of the Veneto region. Today, it has vineyards in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, the hilly area northwest of Verona that stretches toward Lake Garda; in Valpolicella Valpantena, a beautiful pre-Alpine valley northeast of Verona, characterized by soils composed of fine limestone-clay marls rich in iron minerals. As for white grapes, Bertani is present in the Soave area, kingdom of Garganega, and in the Lugana area, south of Lake Garda.

A mosaic of terroirs that allows Bertani to offer a wide range of wines, covering all the excellences of the Veronese area, giving voice to the different facets of a territory with a vocation for viticulture since the time of the ancient Romans. For in the diversity of territories, grapes and appellations, the winery's wines all possess a recognizability, the child of a clear corporate identity. Bertani has always remained faithful to an idea of wine linked to the intimate relationship with the place of production and the personality of the grape varieties. He has always put respect for traditions and stylistic consistency ahead of marketing opportunity, never giving in to fads or the drifts of international taste, which have often led so many wineries astray. Its path is a straight line, which since its founding has traced a recognizable path appreciated by all lovers of great wines.

Bertani's wines
3 -@@-1-Gambero Rosso
4 -@@-2-Vitae AIS
90 -@@-11-Luca Maroni
95 -@@-5-Veronelli
3 -@@-2-Vitae AIS