Bertani: excellence from Valpolicella

The Bertani winery is one of the most respected names in the world of wine. The story of Bertani began in 1857, when the brothers Gaetano and Giovanni Battista Bertani decided to apply the most advanced manufacturing techniques to the great potential of their land. It is no coincidence that Gaetano has learned in France some of the most important innovations of the time, thanks to the teachings of Professor Guyot, considered one of the leading experts in viticulture. Bertani was one of the first Italian manufacturers to land in America in the last years of the nineteenth century, confirming the great innovation brought forward by the two brothers. The twentieth century has done nothing but confirm the excellent quality of wines Bertani, a name that has kept generation after generation, the ability to innovate in respect of their own identity and that of the Veneto region. Amarone Bertani Amarone is certainly one of the most respected and prestigious, award winning numerous awards and the loyalty of many lovers of fine wine. In addition to the wines of Valpolicella, Bertani is appreciated for the production of wine in the Soave and Lake Garda area. So it would be simplistic to associate the name of Bertani to the Amarone, although that remains the flagship production of the highest level. Recioto and Ripasso are two other important names within the range of bottles of this wine, which is confirmed, sip by sip, synonymous with quality and excellence. After a century and a half of history, Bertani shows us that courage and continuous innovation are two key ingredients to stay at the top and continue to delight the palates of wine lovers with bottles of absolute value.

Other Informations

Foundation year
Hectares of vineyards
Annual production
1.500.000 bt
Andrea Lonardi
Bertani, Via Asiago, 2 - 37023 Grezzana (VR)
Bertani wines