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Boever A&S

A small production of specify and qualify Champagne range
Region Regione Champagne (Francia)
Foundation Year 1946
Vineyard hectares 5
Annual production 18.000 bt
Address Rue du Champ Neuville -51150, Tauxiéres, France

Boever is a small family-run récoltant-manipulant maison located in Tauxiéres, a small village that is classified as a "grand cru" in the Montagne de Reims territory. We are located within the Champagne AOC, one of the most prestigious of all French wine production, to tell a story of sweat, passion and dedication. In fact, the Boever family dedicates heart and soul to its hectares of land, giving rise to a beautiful range of Champagnes, perfect for any occasion, from the most informal aperitifs to moments of pure celebration, in which the toast has the almost historical value of immortalizing the moments in life that give joy and happiness. From the beginning, in fact, the intention was to decline the terroir of Reims with completeness, letting each parcel be free to express itself in a label of the range, thus going on to define that fantastic crossword of cru that is expressed in the AOC of Champagne.

The vineyards owned by the Boever winery cover just over five hectares planted with vines. Between the rows are grown the typical grape varieties of the Champagne terroir, namely Chardonnay and Pinot Noir. Between the rows, the maison's team observes practices that draw on integrated pest management, working the soil carefully, trying to promote its fertility. The soils are left grassed, to conserve the land and promote quality production while respecting the environment. In the winery, all stages of vinification are followed with great care and attention, devoting the right amount of time on the lees to each type of Champagne, so as to differentiate its olfactory and taste profile.

Boever gives rise to a small production each year, which is around 18,000 bottles, spread over several labels. Tasting the types in the range, from Brut Grand Cru to Rosé Grand Cru up to the more complex Millesimé, one realizes how centered and balanced each bottle is, telling a story made up of sips that flow in perfect taste-olfactory harmony. In short, one hardly finds a product line so well told, all the more reason to choose the creations of this small maison.

Pierre Boever's Champagne