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Crystal Head

Design and precius crystals: the treasure of a pure vodka hidden in a skull
Region Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada)
Foundation Year 2007
Address St. John's, Newfoundland

The Crystal Head Vodka was founded in 2007 by the desire of the actor Dan Aykroyd (former Blues Brother) and artist John Alexander to create a pure and crystalline vodka, with no additives. The purity and simplicity of the spirit are well represented by the extraordinary package skull, designed by John Alexander and made by the Milan’s master glassmaker Bruni Glass.

The shape of the bottle is also due to the two founders’ passion and curiosity for the discovery of the 13 pre-Columbian crystal skulls, whose original function remains mysterious. Vodka contained in the skull is produced by Globefill Incorporated in the distillery of Newfoundland, Canada.

The production process is entirely guided by the criterion of purity as the evolution of raw materials in a quality product that does not undergo any changes or additions. The need for pristine and crystal water sources and for virgin lands has resulted in the decision to set the production in Canada, rich in natural beauty and of culture and tradition. The corn grown in Ontario is distilled four times to reach the alcohol content of 95% and, then, stirred into ice water to lower the alcohol content to 40%. To give full transparency to the spirit, it is filtered seven times, three of which are used in rare and precious quartz crystals known as 'Herkimer Diamonds', at the famous pre-Columbian civilizations of Mesopotamia and for their magical and spiritual powers.

Vodka thus produced and filtered reaches a level of unparalleled softness and the absolute lack of additives makes it clean and gives a clear and balanced taste. In a Crystal Head bottle, the design excellence is combined with the one of a vodka of the highest quality, for an innovative product and a must, all to admire above all to savor.

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