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A simple and natural path for a unique Pinot Noir
Region Trentino (Italia)
Foundation Year 1995
Vineyard hectares 15
Annual production 10.000 bt
Address Via Vallunga Seconda, 50 - Rovereto (TN)
Oenologist Elisabetta Dalzocchio

Dalzocchio is the farm, the home-cellar, of a Trentino’s family that has become to work with the territory centuries ago. Elisabetta Dalzocchio decided to follow the footsteps of her father in the world of wine, especially of Pinot Nero, adhering to the association of "I Dolomitici", the "Independent Trentino’s Winegrowers" moved by the passion and respect for the land and for agricultural and craft traditions of their culture. The choice of making only Pinot Nero was born from the desire to find the right expression of a terroir that could talk about itself through the wine: at 400 meters above sea, there are the hills on which two hectares of vines and two of forest stretch, above Rovereto, at the foot of the Dolomites and at a short distance from Lake Garda. Some vineyards date back to the seventies, well placed in soils inlaid from Cretaceous rocks, clay, silt and sand. Through the black bunches a harsh microclimate alternates with a pleasant breeze coming from the Garda and running through the surrounding oak forests and conifers, remembering environments across the Alps and giving a style similar to that of Burgundy wine: the temperature difference between day and night is violent and is a key element. The harvest is done manually in the pungent climate and only 60% of the selected grapes are de-stemmed, according to the tradition, the grapes are packed with feet and naturally left in open oak vats to its spontaneous fermentation, and then aged in oak barrels of 228 liters for 18 months . The amount of sulfur dioxide is infinitesimal, all space is left in a harmonious balance of nature... elegant complexity created by the colorful uniqueness of the terroir.

Dalzocchio wines
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