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Bordelet Eric

Research and tradition: the reference point for apple and pear cider
Region Normandia (Francia)
Foundation Year 1992
Vineyard hectares 23
Address Bordelet Eric, Hauteville, 53250 Charchigné, Francia

Eric Bordelet is a true star in Normandy, regarded by enthusiasts worldwide as one of the finest cider producers. His journey began in 1992 when, encouraged by his friend Didier Dageneau, he abandoned his successful career as a sommelier to revive his family's ancient estate. Since the 18th century, the estate had been cultivating over 100 different apple varieties. In just a few years, Eric established himself as one of the most brilliant cider producers, crafting beverages from both apples and pears.

Today, Eric Bordelet manages 23 hectares of land, cultivating 20 apple varieties and over 14 types of pears. All the varieties are historic, authentic, and none are the result of modern crosses. They are categorized according to Normandy's historical classification: sweet, bitter, and acidic. 1.5 hectares are dedicated to nearly extinct ancient varieties, with fruit trees reaching 40 to 50 years of age. The entire property is managed through organic and biodynamic farming, certified since 1996. Harvesting, done strictly by hand from September to December, pays close attention to the ripeness of each fruit. In the cellar, the fruits are pressed, and the obtained musts undergo light macerations with the skins. They ferment in wood, cement, or steel. Following a very light filtration, bottling occurs during the ongoing fermentation, concluding in the bottle. Each bottle may have varying sugar residues and low sulfur levels, added only in the final phase.

Eric Bordelet's cider, in its various expressions, is considered the world's number one. These moderately alcoholic, fresh, and fruity sparkling beverages exhibit spontaneous and wild flavors or, at times, more elegance. The drier versions pair excellently with seafood, shellfish, and fresh or medium-aged cheeses. Regardless, a sensory delight is guaranteed!