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Forlini Cappellini

The Ligurian Easten Riviera and its wine pearl
Region Liguria (Italia)
Foundation Year 1998
Vineyard hectares 1
Annual production 8.000 bt
Address Via B. Riccobaldi 45 , Manarola - 19017 Riomaggiore (SP)
Oenologist Alberto e Giacomo Callellini

The winery Forlini Cappellini was officially born in 1988 in Manarola, Riomaggiore village, one of the pearls of that wonderful area of Liguria which are the 5 Terre. The Forlini Cappellini is a small winery in character absolutely familiar: leading them are the father, Alberto Cappellini, mother, Germana Forlini, and his son, James. The vines are present classics of the region: Vermentino, Bosco and Albarola, and with these, the company produces two types of wine: the first is a white wine, fresh and fragrant, while the latter is the best known Sciacchetrà, a sweet wine that is the main product of the company. The family Forlini Cappellini can be defined as a family of winemakers heroic because of harsh working conditions imposed by the orography of the area, with vineyards, high terrain of up to 90% slope, virtually overlooking the sea. This territory has forced the man to a hard work of terraces, with stone walls millennial communicating with each other by means of ramps, impassable by mechanical means, so all operations are performed in the vineyard by hand. The soil is mainly sandy, very composition varies as derived from the disintegration of rocks different, shallow and well permeable, although with scarce water reserves. The two types of wines are produced in the company's modern and well-equipped family winery. Sciacchetrà, called the most famous Italian dessert wine, is the jewel in the cellar, so lovingly produced only in years when the vineyard was able to give his best result. In this wonderful wine are enclosed not only aromas and flavors of a unique terroir, but also the story of a family who, with courage and hard work has resulted in a product that is famous throughout the world.

The Wines by Forlini Cappellini