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Bini Giotto

A journey to Pantelleria in search of the naturalness of wine
Region Sicilia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1995
Vineyard hectares 8
Annual production 12.000 bt
Address Contrada Serragghia - 91017 Pantelleria (TP)

Giotto Bini is a winery on the island of Pantelleria that produces wines in an absolutely traditional way, respecting the rhythms of nature and the characteristics of the land. It was founded at the end of the 1990s by Milanese architect Gabrio Bini, who during a trip to Pantelleria fell in love with the island's atmosphere and scents, as well as the wild beauty of an exceptional terroir, and decided to set up, among other things, a winery. Today it is run by Giotto, Gabrio's son, who keeps the philosophy of the early days alive.

Giotto Bini's vineyard extends over 8 hectares at 350 metres above sea level and includes 50-year-old vines as well as new ones. The vines are rooted in volcanic soils and are cultivated using the alberello system, which is the only method to resist the strong winds. Gabrio focuses his production on the work in the vineyard, while the winemaking process is regarded as the culmination of a course that follows the characteristics and timing of nature. Gabrio has decided to adopt an unforced and environmentally friendly approach to cultivation: the only intervention allowed is two horses that are left free to roam the vineyards in winter, to fertilise and "prune" the vines as they please.

Giotto Bini's wines are produced by vinification with indigenous yeasts in amphorae buried in the tuff under the open sky and long maceration on the skins. They are made without clarification or filtration, and no sulphur dioxide or chemical products are added. The bottles all bear an arrow-shaped label, which refers to the 1.80 metre sculpture made by Gabrio and photographed a few years later by his wife. Bini's wines have complex and harmonious aromas, together with mineral hints. They are authentic, uncompromising wines that leave you speechless as they have to be initially appreciated by the senses.

The wines of Giotto Bini