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Il Paradiso di Manfredi

The Paradise of Montalcino: captivating and unforgettable nectars
Region Toscana (Italia)
Foundation Year 1981
Vineyard hectares 2.4
Annual production 10.000 bt
Address Il Paradiso di Manfredi, Strada Comunale del Canalicchio, 305 - 53024 Montalcino (SI)
Oenologist Florio Guerrini

The Il Paradiso di Manfredi winery is located in the town of Montalcino near Siena. It produces wines of excellent quality from just over 3 hectares of land, two of which are planted with the Grosso Sangiovese grape, known here as Brunello. The winery, surrounded by its precious vineyards, is situated on the hill between Le Chiuse and Montesoli, which is a particularly suitable area for the production of Brunello wine. The owner of the estate, Florio Guerrini, is the son-in-law of Manfredi Martini, who in 1967 was one of the founders of the Consorzio del Brunello di Montalcino. And it is from Manfredi that the estate takes its name, while Paradiso is the name given to the area by a priest who, at the beginning of the last century, lived in the Martini family home.

The place is truly worthy of this title, as it is a corner of paradise from which, on a clear day, you can see the Torre del Mangia in the city of Siena. The vineyards, cultivated strictly in a biodynamic way, with "Triple A" certification, are located at about 300 metres above sea level and are structured in terraces, facing north-east on soil rich in fossil remains and real shells, which, as they crumble, provide excellent nutrition for the vines. Florio and his wife Rossella oversee the cultivation of the vines and the various wine-making processes with passion and skill, in the belief that to produce special wines it is necessary to listen to the energy that is spontaneously released from the must first and then from the wine itself, whose aroma can advise you what to do.

The cellar is divided into three areas: the vinification section, surrounded by stone walls which guarantee a stable temperature of around 15°, is located on the ground floor, the ageing zone is located in an old 19th century farmhouse, and here the fermentation takes place at a low temperature with natural yeasts, with the rock walls once again guaranteeing an ideal temperature with minimal climatic changes, and finally, the basement is the zone destined for final refinement in Slavonian oak casks where the wines res. The difference between the three wines produced is due solely to the time they spend in the barrels: 12 months for the Rosso, 36 months for the Brunello and 48 months for the Brunello Riserva. The Il Paradiso di Manfredi winery has achieved prestigious and well-deserved awards both in Italy and abroad, and this is reflected in the heavenly sensations that these wines provide, sip after sip.

"Al Paradiso alla base di ogni attività c'è la simbiosi con la natura, affinché possa compiere senza interferenze la sua alchimia all'interno del vigneto, lasciando poi che i vini si esprimano con autenticità"

Guida Slowine 2023

The wines of Il Paradiso di Manfredi