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Le Due Terre

Flavio and Silvana: vineyards artisans and authentic Friuli region tellers
Region Friuli Venezia Giulia (Italia)
Foundation Year 1984
Vineyard hectares 5
Annual production 18.000 bt
Address Via Roma, 68/B - 33040 Prepotto (UD)
Oenologist Flavio Basilicata

Le Due Terre is a Friulian winery with a genuine and artisanal dimension, located in the hills of Prepotto, right on the border with Slovenia. The story of this small estate began in 1984, when after more than 10 years of experience as a consultant winemaker for local wineries Flavio Basilicata decided to buy together with his wife Silvana Forte some land in the area. The chosen appellation refers to the fact that the plots, separated by a road, are characterized by a different pedological composition, hence the name Le Due Terre. From the beginning, the couple moved toward a predominantly red wine production, in contrast to the established white wine movement in Friuli, embracing a vision based on environmental sustainability and minimal winemaking interventionism. Today Flavio and Silvana are supported by their daughter Cora, constituting a family team that takes direct and artisanal care of every stage of the production process, from the vineyard to the final bottle.

There are just 5 hectares on the Le Due Terre estate, devoted mostly to native Friuli grape varieties Schioppettino, Refosco dal Peduncolo Rosso, Friulano and Ribolla Gialla. The varietal platform is complemented by Merlot and Pinot Noir, international grapes long associated with the Friulian territory. The vines grow on clay and marl soils and are bred by completely excluding the use of herbicides, pesticides, fertilizers and other synthetic chemicals. Winemaking is carried out in stainless steel tanks or cement vats, with fermentations entrusted solely to indigenous yeasts and accompanied by long macerations on the skins, even for the whites. Once the fermentation process is complete, the masses are placed to age in French oak barriques and tonneaux for fairly long periods. Along the entire process, the use of oenological aids and additives is then excluded, as is the use of clarification operations, with the utmost respect for the identity of the terroir.

Le Due Terre winery's selection includes spoken expressions of the Prepotto terroir, reflecting the genuine philosophy of the Basilicata-Forte family. The production is very limited and expresses the care and love that Flavio, Silvana and Cora invest daily in their business.

"Camminando per le vigne con Silvana Forte e sua figlia Cora Basilicata traspare la sconfinata passione per un lavoro bello e totalizzante, che impone di non apporre mai il cartello "chiusi per ferie""

Guida Slowine 2023

The Wines by Le Due Terre
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