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Monte Dall'Ora

Wines of nature in the heart of Valpolicella
Region Veneto (Italia)
Foundation Year 1995
Vineyard hectares 6
Annual production 35.000 bt
Address Via Monte Dall'Ora 5, Loc. Castelrotto - 37029 San Pietro in Cariano (VR)

Situated in a natural amphitheater of the classic Valpolicella, Monte dall'Ora is a family winery guided since 1995 by Carlo Venturini and his wife Alessandra. Respect for the grapes, environmental balance and organic plantation are evidence of a viticulture that does not want to force nature, but caress it with care.

The vineyards of the winery Monte dall'Ora are grown in terraces supported by dry stonewalls called "Moragne" and are situated in a real natural garden: a microcosm of original plant species, weeds and insects that contribute to the balance of land, consisting of limestones of Eocene origin. Aromatic plants such as lavender, but also cherry trees and olive trees are located not far from the cultivations of Corvina, Corvinone, Rondinella, Molinara and Oseleta, giving a mulching effect on the ground and ensuring moisture during the summer. Land is favorably oriented to the southeast, towards the city of Verona, and ventilation on Castelrotto hill is continuous from morning to night: the place where is located the winery takes its name from the famous wind of Lake Garda, the Hour del Garda.

The wines of Monte dall'Ora stem from organic farming and the whole modus operandi was to achieve balance and biodiversity, avoiding in any way the use of the chemical. From the harvest to the winery the grapes are always treated with "kindness", fermentations are spontaneous with use of indigenous yeasts, using small stainless steel for the Valpolicella and wood ones for Amarone. Finally, the time, a lot of respect for the time marks the final stage of production to bottling. Monte dall’Ora is truly one of those wineries that possesses the spirit and love of the Earth, complicity and affection which later you can find in their living and fragrant wines.

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