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Family vineyards in the unique terroir of Sardegna island
Region Sardegna (Italia)
Foundation Year 1950
Vineyard hectares 99
Annual production 490.000 bt
Address Pala Vini, Via Giuseppe Verdi, 7 - 09040 Serdiana (CA)
Oenologist Ercole Iannone

Located in the Mediterranean setting of Serdiana, just north of the city of Cagliari, the Pala winery produces expressions with a strong Sardinian identity. The winery's foundation dates back to 1950 and Mario Pala, the family's third winemaking generation, is currently at the helm, supported by his wife Rita and children Massimiliano, Maria Antonietta and Elisabetta. An established producer on the island, Mario has managed to transform the estate, initially engaged in producing bulk wines, into one of the most important modern wineries in the regional wine scene. Today, the five members of the Pala family form a team capable of nurturing the long history of Sardinian winemaking in the wake of tradition.

The 99 hectares of vineyards on which Pala's property extends are mainly dedicated to two of Sardinia's most representative grape varieties: Vermentino and Cannonau, flanked by the other indigenous varieties Nasco, Nuragus, Bovale, Carignano, Monica and Malvasia Sarda. The property currently has eight estates, spread across the territories of Serdiana, Ussana, Senorbì, Uras, Terralba and San Nicolò d'Arcidano in the Oristano area. The soils on which the plants grow are therefore very heterogeneous, consisting of varying presences of limestone, sand, clay, iron and basalt depending on the area. Altitudes also vary considerably, ranging from just 11 metres above sea level in the Terralba vineyard to 250 metres at the Is Crabilis estate. Stainless steel tanks, barriques and large oak casks are used as wine containers for fermentation and ageing, always with the intention of bringing out the character of the grape variety and the terroir.

The extensive wine production of the Sardinian Pala winery encompasses a varied range of types and styles, such as white, rosé or red, easy-drinking or highly structured, always strongly linked to the territory of origin. Among the labels that deserve special mention are the Vermentino di Sardegna 'Stellato', a rich and authentic interpretation of the variety, the Bovale 'Essentija', produced with grapes from centuries-old vines bred as free-standing trees, and 'S'Arai', a fine blend of three important indigenous black grape varieties.

The Wines by Pala
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