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Punta Aria - Pinnata di Pollastri

Wines that capture the magic, warmth and scents of the Eolian Islands
Region Sicilia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2000
Vineyard hectares 5
Annual production 8.600 bt
Address Agriturismo Punta Aria, Isola Vulcano 98055 Lipari (ME)

The Punta Aria winery is a dream come true. It is a project inspired by Francangelo Pollastri's desire to create a place that is frozen in time, a sort of small oasis or buen retiro where he can give life to his passions. It all began when, in the early 2000s, Pollastri decided to create an agritourism with a vineyard on the island of Vulcano, in the Sicilian archipelago of the Eolian Islands. The chosen location is Punta Bandiera, right on the south-eastern tip of the island. A small black sandy beach and a few ruins immediately ignited his imagination and his desire to transform that abandoned place, covered in Mediterranean brushwood, into a little gem.

This is how the Punta Aria winery was born. Once the brushwood had been cleared away, the original beauty of a small inlet that was already famous in Roman times was brought back to life. The Canitello beach and, not far away, the Malvasia delle Lipari vineyard began to flourish again. The Mediterranean climate, hot and windy, is softened by the presence of the sea. The soils of volcanic origin are mainly composed of sand and lava rocks, which are rich in minerals. In this perfect environmental setting, the Malvasia grape has found for thousands of years a perfect habitat to express great wines. This ancient vine of Greek origin, which takes its name from the Peloponnesian port of Monemvasia, arrived on the Eolian Islands in very ancient times, perhaps with the first Mycenaean navigators or with the subsequent Greek colonisation in the 5th-4th centuries BC. Since then it has always been the symbol of viticulture in the Sicilian archipelago, producing one of the most interesting passito wines in the whole of the Mediterranean, a truly delicious nectar loved by all enthusiasts.

The Malvasia grape is a vine of great aromatic richness, which reaches full maturity with a high sugar content. These particular characteristics have always made it the ideal grape for the production of sweet wines. At the end of the harvest, the golden bunches of Malvasia are left to dry naturally in the sun and wind of the island of Vulcano. During the drying period, the grapes slowly dehydrate, concentrating the sugars and aromas. The dried grapes are then fermented very slowly. At the end of the process, a natural residual sugar remains, which makes the wine particularly smooth and appealing. The Malvasia Passita is a liquid gold of great charm, which is produced in a completely natural way, without the addition of alcohol. It is an ancient wine, which captivates with its intense and rich aromas, its soft and sweet taste, and its complexity and persistence.

The wines of Punta Aria - Pinnata di Pollastri
90 -@@-7-Robert Parker
93 -@@-5-Veronelli
90 -@@-5-Veronelli
89 -@@-7-Robert Parker
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