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Xose Lois Sebio

Between the passion for viticulture and that for rock: the frank interpretations of Viños de Encostas
Region Galizia (Spagna)
Foundation Year 2009
Address Lugar de O pazo 4, 32429 Gomariz, Province of Ourense, Spain

Xose Lois Sebio interprets a new generation of eclectic and creative Spanish winemakers, rooted in the conviction of the importance of terroir but not anchored to a single fixed abode. His life's aim is to create exclusive wines far from conventions and fashions, which have soul and personality, following simple guidelines: few bottles, old vines, extreme viticulture. The image that these creations offer is modern and different, reflected in the graphics of the labels and the names they bear, expressions of the winemaking process, the estate from which they derive or life situations. The common thread linking the bottles is rock music, XL's visceral passion, shared with his wife Lola and daughters Xiana and Uxia.
Xose Lois Sebio manages several estates, stretching along an axis that connects the Atlantic Ocean to the Castilla-La Mancha region. Sanxenxo is the westernmost territory, on the beaches of Galicia, a few kilometres south of Santiago de Compostela, where the typical Albariño is cultivated on shale soil, at altitudes between 50 and 100 metres. The opposite extreme is represented by the area of Santiuste, a village of less than twenty souls in the province of Guadalajara: granitic sands and rocky boulders deep down for centuries-old Verdejo Segoviano vines with a free foot, on the spectacular desert altitudes of almost 1,000 metres. Valtuille de Arriba, on the other hand, is located on the northwest border of Castile and Leon: the soil composed of clay and crushed stone is home to the black Mencìa berry, at altitudes between 550 and 590 metres. Finally, two other Galician territories: O Bolo, where the white berry returns with Godello, rooted in granite sandstone soils on terraces reaching 650 metres in altitude; Gomariz, the winery's base of operations in the province of Ourense, where terraces of red and blue clays and schists overlook the course of the Avia river from altitudes ranging from 180 to 350 metres, is home to numerous white and black varieties such as Albariño, Godello, Verdejo, Treixadura, Ferrol, Sousón and countless other virtually unknown indigenous varieties.
Xose Lois Sebio uses different cultivation systems according to the needs of each area, including organic farming, biodynamic principles and conventional systems: in all cases, interventions in the cellar are reduced to the bone and no synthetic chemicals are used. Yields per hectare are low and vinifications follow the course of the year: not all wines are necessarily presented every year, but only when they express direct correspondence to the terroir, according to the very personal concept of "viños de encostas".


Xose Lois Sebio's wines