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Amaro Scoccia - 50cl

Amaro Scoccia - 50cl


Scoccia is a Sicilian Amaro produced with juicy bitter orange peel and a mix of bitter herbs. Made according to an ancient recipe handed down from a monastery on the slopes of Etna, it gives a round and soft sip, of refined elegance and long persistence, characterized by typical bitter and citrus notes, able to veil the authentic soul of Sicily!



Alcohol content

30 %


50 cl Bottle



Amaro Scoccia is a Sicilian speciality, a true icon of the island and its oldest traditions. It is a label with a typically Mediterranean profile, reflecting the warm and sunny character of citrus fruits ripened in the wonderful land of Trinacria. It comes from an original recipe, jealously handed down by monks for generations, whose absolute protagonist is the bitter orange, a fruit cultivated for more than a millennium in Sicily. Aromatic, rich and persuasive, it is bitter with an authentic and genuine taste. It is great to taste straight or with ice, but it can also be used in modern mixology to make refined cocktails such as: Scoccia Spritz, White Negroni, Mexican Mule, Mojito Scoccia and Scoccia Margarita.

Amaro Scoccia is the fruit of a long history. The cultivation of the bitter orange, Citrus Aurantium, was introduced to Sicily by the Arabs around the year 1000. It is a very ancient fruit from the Far East, perhaps born of a cross between pomelo and mandarin. In Sicily, it has found a perfect habitat, especially in the area of the Catania plain, on the slopes of Mount Etna, on soils of volcanic nature and in the mild Mediterranean climate. The custom of using bitter orange to make a bitter descends from the traditions of the Basilian monks, present in these lands since the 9th century and later taken up by the Benedictine monasteries. The bitter is still made today according to the original recipe. The processing is simple. The fragrant peels of bitter oranges are steeped in order to extract all the scents, aromas, and essential oils characteristic of this precious fruit. The infusion is then enriched with a blend of local herbs.

Amaro Scoccia is the sunny expression of the great Sicilian tradition. It is presented in a robe of orange colour with luminous reflections. On the nose, it expresses an intense bouquet, connoted by delicate floral nuances of orange blossom, hints of officinal herbs, and aromatic herbs of the Mediterranean maquis, wrapped in rich aromas of bitter orange peel, which give harmony to the whole. The entry on the palate is elegant and soft, with a sip marked by the characteristic aromaticity of the best ripe Sicilian oranges. Broad and satisfying, it combines the persuasive character of citrus with a subtle bitter streak, which accompanies a long and persistent finish.



Delicate orange


Soft, balanced, elegant and with a bitter aftertaste


Typical notes of orange, orange blossom, Mediterranean scrub and bitter memories