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Amarone 'Valmezzane' Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda 2017
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Amarone 'Valmezzane' Camerani - Corte Sant'Alda 2017


Amarone by Corte Sant'Alda is a robust, intense and elegant wine with a surprising bouquet that ranges from berry jam to coffee and chocolate. Characterized by soft tannins, nice flavor and good freshness, it is aged for 48 months in oak barrels. A great Amarone! 




Amarone della Valpolicella DOCG


Corvina Grossa 40%, Corvina 30%, Rondinella 30%


Alcohol content

15.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Natural drying from October until January, then fermented in small conical section with the exclusive use of indigenous yeasts


At least 48 months in French oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Biodynamic, Indigenous yeasts, Independent Winegrowners, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. 16651


The Amarone is the flagship wine of the Corte Sant'Alda, where Marinella Camerani was able to make the most of the precious fruits of this unique territory, the Valpolicella. A selection of Corvina, Rondinella and Corvinone cultivated in the vineyards the most important company: Roaro, Valletta, Bosco, Pra Alto and Retratto. We are in the frame of the Val di Mezzane, of vineyards located at 350 meters above sea level, on medium-textured soils rich in limestone. Here the particular geographical guarantees the mild climate of near Lake Garda with breezes flowing fast from the nearby peaks down the valley.

The underlying philosophy of the winery Corte Sant'Alda is one that fascinates, never trivial ones that convey personality and character: a conversion born a bit 'for the event in 1985, which later became the core of the company. Leave the vineyard to its natural process, intervening only as a support to avoid negative effects. Having a vineyard alive, where scents and colors can offer unique feelings and emotions. Feelings and emotions that we find in this Amarone that comes from grapes dried in special wooden boxes for 120 days.

Vinification with exclusive use of indigenous yeasts and at least 48 months in French oak barrels ranging from 5 to 25 hectoliters. A period in which the Amarone by Corte Sant'Alda continues to grow in intensity and complexity, evolves and develops, surprising then in the cup for his body and for his importance, for its volume and its freshness, giving notes jammy berries well combined with nuances of spice and coffee.


Intense garnet red


Surprisingly, robust and important, of considerable volume, with a nice freshness and flavor


Jammy notes of berries, coffee, milk chocolate and nuances of spices