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Bianco Frizzante sui Lieviti Alla Costiera

Bianco Frizzante sui Lieviti Alla Costiera

Alla Costiera

Bianco Sur Lie Alla Costiera is a Semi-Sparkling Wine with natural rifermentation in the bottle, with notes of apple and pear and a recall of yeast, dry, soft and pleasantly savory.




White grapes

Alcohol content

11.5 %


75 cl Bottle


White vinification without added yeast fermentation; wine re-fermented in the bottle and then refine on its lees

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. E801


The Bianco Frizzante sui Lieviti Alla Costiera is a satisfying and joyful bottle-refermented wine with an almost unbeatable value for money. In the historical period marked by the raging of innumerable (and alas, sometimes forgettable) bottle-refermented wines, there are actually few areas that can boast a real vocation for the production of liquids of this type, to which we can undoubtedly ascribe certain sub-areas of the Veneto region. Translating this heritage into coherent and territorial liquids requires the tireless work of local custodians, winemakers such as Filippo Gamba della Costiera, who has been running his winery for over 20 years with the utmost respect for the vitality of the vines and the territory. The grapes grow with the dictates of Steiner biodynamics, without dogmatism or mental rigidity of any kind. Wonderful everyday wines, which tell the story of place and vintage without filters or manipulation;

The Bianco Frizzante sui Lieviti della Costiera is a bottle-fermented wine made from white grapes. In the vineyard, as already mentioned, biodynamic principles are followed, so chemical or synthetic substances are banned and only preparations, copper and sulphur are used. In the wine cellar, we proceed just as respectfully, with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation of the base wine and re-fermentation in the bottle with refinement on its own yeasts..

The Bianco Frizzante sui Lieviti has the typical intense, veiled straw-yellow colour. The nose is fragrant and carefree, with notes of bread crust, green apple and citrus peel. Despite its directness, it is a wine that never risks lapsing into banality or complacency. It is an irresistible, lean and dry sip with an almost boundless gastronomic vocation, making it a wine for aperitifs but also suitable for accompanying more savoury fish dishes.


Intense straw yellow


Dry, soft, harmonious and pleasantly savory


Intense notes of apple and pear, with hints of yeast