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Bitter Fusetti - 50cl

Bitter Fusetti - 50cl


Bitter Fusetti - 50 cl is perfect to be enjoyed straight or in classic drinks, such as Negroni and Americano. Made with classic spices, such as cinchona, rhubarb, gentian and quassio (a particularly bitter officinal herbs), it has a very intense, fresh and citrus scent that introduces a bitter, velvety and balanced sip, of great softness and enveloping




Sangiovese 60%, Canaiolo 20% and Malvasia Bianca 20%

Alcohol content

25 %


50 cl Bottle


Soft pressing of dried grapes and alcoholic fermentation with static decantation in little barrels of 100 l


8 years in little chestnut and oak barrels and 14 months in bottle


Fusetti Bitter is an artisanal liqueur that was created as an alternative to the standardized production of large industrial brands. Dripstillery is the result of the union of two interesting realities of the spirits world, Farmily Group and Fundeghera 1939, who decided to pool their experiences to give birth to a quality brand. Bitter is an ancient liqueur that originates in the customs of making infusions with botanicals for mainly digestive use. Over time it has evolved into one of the most popular aperitifs ever and a key ingredient in many cocktails.

Fusetti Bitter is the fruit of the young brand Dripstillery, which was created specifically to make high-quality liqueurs for both the most demanding bartenders and enthusiasts in search of authentic taste. The production process follows the oldest customs. In fact, it is based on a patient and careful process of infusing botanicals in alcoholic solutions, which promotes a complete extraction of scents and aromas. The selection of ingredients is very careful and includes bitter orange, chinotto, gentian, rhubarb, cinchona and quassio, among others. The infusions are filtered and assembled with the addition of only the purest water to lower the alcohol content and a small percentage of sugar to mitigate the bitter tendency of some herbs. Finally, the bitter is bottled in its absolute purity, without any added flavourings.

Bitter Fusetti represents the typical taste of a great classic of the Italian tradition. An aperitif par excellence with an essential and decisive character, it is distinguished by finesse and elegance. To the eye, it has a brilliant ruby red colour with luminous reflections. Intense and enveloping, it conquers with a bouquet characterized by aromas of officinal herbs, bitter orange peel, chinotto, nuances of wildflowers, wild herbs of alpine flora, soft oriental spices, hints of rhubarb, gentian and cinchona. The palate entry is warm and broad, with rich aromatic complexity, leading toward a harmonious, slightly bitter and very persistent finish.


Bright red ruby


Enveloping, velvety, soft and with a very long persistence


Intense, bitter and enveloping notes that recall rhubarb, sweet spices and cinchona