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Carmenere Alla Costiera 2021

Carmenere Alla Costiera 2021

Alla Costiera

The Carmenere by Alla Costiera is a red wine of medium body, soft, with pleasant herbal notes and a finale that recalls pepper, elegant and balanced, aged for 10 months in cement tanks and bottled without filtration.




Colli Euganei DOC


Carmenere 100%


Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration of 15-20 days, then fermentation exclusively with indigenous yeasts


10 months in vitrified cement, bottled without filtration

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU , Codice Operatore nr. E801


Alla Costiera's Carmenere is a ductile and juicy red wine that combines elegance with a marked vegetal range. A splendid and fresh reality that of Alla Costiera, a winery located near Padua and run with passion and dynamism by Filippo Gamba, who inherited the passion from his father Gerardo. Just a few hectares of vineyard planted mostly with Glera and a few red grape varieties, with the common thread of respect for the land and adherence to the precepts of Steinerian biodynamics, so any chemical or synthetic products are banned. The result is joyful and vital juices, manifestos of a terroir that, if not abused, produces results of great value. An unmissable red, even during the summer, that in its simplicity can offer lively and juicy tastes.

The red Carmenere is made from pure grapes of the vine of the same name grown on limestone-clay soils on the western slopes of the Euganean Hills. If the precepts of biodynamics are followed in the vineyard, the winery is equally respectful, with fermentation occurring spontaneously and maceration on the skins lasting 15-20 days. It is aged for 10 months in vitrified cement containers, without undergoing any filtration or clarification.

The Costiera Carmenere reveals itself in the glass with a deep, almost impenetrable ruby red colour. A nose that combines freshness and elegance, waving herbaceous notes, black pepper and dark berry fruit in succession, drawing a relatively simple but captivating profile. On tasting, the liquid proves to be fresh, dynamic and extremely flowing, with a clear return of the herbaceous component and a nice persistence. A bottle that finishes quickly because it is so easy to drink, so it is advisable to stock up!


Ruby red


Medium bodied, very drinkable, elegant and balanced


Herbaceous notes of beautiful persistence, with a final peppery