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Coravin Sparkling Premium Set

Coravin Sparkling Premium Set

With the Coravin Sparkling Premium Set you can pour even sparkling wines, preserving freshness and effervescence even for months. A revolutionary Kit, an innovative model that we dedicate to those who want to enjoy fully and lightly even the greatest sparkling wines



  • 1 Coravin Sparkling Charger
  • 2 Coravin Sparkling Stopper
  • 1 Bottle Cover
  • 4 Sparkling Capsules of Argon Coravin Pure





75 cl Bottle



The Coravin Sparkling Premium Set is a kit specially designed for sparkling wines, which perfectly preserves the fragrance of the wine. Indispensable for enjoying a glass preserving the effervescence and freshness intact The special Coravin technology has been specially designed for tastings or for drinking just one glass of wine without wasting a bottle. It is a tool of great freedom, which has revolutionised the world of wine. The Coravin Sparkling Premium Set consists of a Coravin Sparkling System, a Coravin Sparkling Stopper, a Bottle Cover and four Sparkling Capsules from Argon Coravin Pure. An indispensable item for every wine lover.

The Coravin Sparkling Premium Set is the ideal choice for all lovers of bubbles. Thanks to the innovative Coravin technology, the aromas, flavours and effervescence of Champagne, sparkling and sparkling wines can be preserved for at least four weeks. In this way, the last glass will be exactly the same as the first. The universal Sparkling Stopper fits perfectly in any bottle, whether standard 75cl or magnum and seals the contents perfectly. The Coravin Bottle Cover is very useful to protect bottles from shocks and possible damage caused by glass breakage. The set is completed by four Sparkling Coravin Pure capsules. Each capsule can store up to 7 standard-size bottles.

The Coravin Sparkling Premium Set perfectly expresses the concept behind this important oenological invention: the ultimate innovation in preservation. An apparent semantic contrast, which translates into an invaluable advantage. Coravin has succeeded in changing the way we think about wine consumption and conservation. Today, one can sit at a table with several people, and each person can taste a different wine without having to uncork any bottles. Or you can organise a dinner with several courses, matching each course with a different glass of wine without wasting the rest of the bottle. Coravin gives you great freedom, not having to wait for a special occasion to uncork a large bottle. You can safely pour a single glass without any fear.