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'Cornus Mas' Tropfltalhof

'Cornus Mas' Tropfltalhof


Tropfltalhof's "Cornus Mas" is a long macerated orange white wine, an experiment by a winery now iconic for the artisanal movement in the Kaltern area. Firmly committed to the values of sustainability and closeness to the earth, Andreas makes wine in amphora and matures its finest bottles underground, in vineyards near the winery: a symbolic circularity, the earth gives and to the earth you return. 'Cornus Mas' pays homage to the dogwood plant, a symbol of the region, and surprises with a very complex aromatic profile of macerated fruit and flowers, mixed with elegant spices such as ginger. On the palate, shy at first, it surprises with dynamics, returning new sensations with each sip. An iconic 'orange'




White Grapes


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts in amphora

Filosofia produttiva

Biodynamic, Natural, No added sulfites or minimum, Amphora Wine, Indigenous yeasts, Orange Wine, Macerated on grape peel

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


'Cornus Mas' by Tropfltalhof, as stated by its producer Andreas Dichristin, is "more than a liquid tribute to nature"; it is a true work of art created in the heart of a wild and unspoiled landscape. This pure Sauvignon Blanc originates from a small vineyard situated at an altitude of 500 meters in the picturesque location of Garnellen in Alto Adige. With an extension of just one hectare, this special place features a unique soil derived from a combination of volcanic porphyry and dolomitic limestone. Producer Andreas Dichristin stands out for his dedication to biodynamic farming, cultivating the vines with respect for nature and biodiversity. This approach is also reflected in the label, where every detail tells the story of Cornus Mas, inspired by the cornelian cherry, which protects the vineyard and sustains its life.

The magic of Tropfltalhof 'Cornus Mas' begins between the rows, where Sauvignon Blanc vines grow in harmonious coexistence with other crops such as wheat, spelt, and corn. This diversification is crucial for Andreas, who has created a more remote and pure corner of the vineyard, where nature expresses its vitality spontaneously. The north-west vineyard, with bush-trained vines, represents the wild and uncontaminated heart of Cornus Mas. Here, from the beginning, there have been no contaminations, only biodynamic treatments, without sulfur or copper. The presence of a tall and dense hedge of wild cornelian cherry not only protects against external intrusions but also serves as a source of life for plants, insects, birds, and animals. This wine is, therefore, an authentic rarity, produced in only 100 bottles, vinified in amphora with a 7-month maceration and an additional 14 months on fine lees. However, the true innovation comes during aging: the bottles are buried in a 1.5-meter-deep pit in the vineyard itself, surrounded by the roots that have nourished the plants and grapes. This circularity-inspired practice gives the label a unique soul.

When finally poured into the glass, Tropfltalhof 'Cornus Mas' reveals a bright topaz color, accompanied by complex aromas of candied citrus, honey, dried apricot, and a touch of ginger. On the palate, it expresses itself with elegance, enveloping the palate with an aromatic persistence that speaks of years spent in harmony with nature. Cornus Mas is not just a wine; it is a sensory experience and a journey through time, unique in its kind and destined to be appreciated with calm and contemplation.


Deep and bright amber


Round and harmonious, fine and vital, with great depth


Candied orange, chestnut honey, ginger and apricot, frankincense, chamomil