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Dry Gin Seri Pervas

Dry Gin Seri Pervas

Seri Pervas

Gin Dry Seri Pervas is a Gin with a Mediterranean character that smells of the sea. It is made from Italian botanicals such as juniper, basil, rosemary, and olive tree. It explodes in spicy notes of juniper, citrus hints, hints of Mediterranean scrub, and memories of seawater. The sip is clean and dry, characterized by a good freshness

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Alcohol content

42 %


70 cl Bottle


Seri Pervas' London Dry Gin was born in Trieste in 2020 thanks to the idea of two brothers, intent on creating a line of spirits that could pay homage to the Friulian city and its past as a commercial hub in the late 1800s and early 1900s. "Seri Pervas" refers to a steamship built in 1839 that came to ply the waters of the Danube and became a symbol of the desire for challenge and success of the sailors who made Trieste's commercial history great.

The working philosophy for the production of Seri Pervas' London Dry Gin involves collaboration with different entities in the Trieste area to source quality raw materials; in line with this, also the choice of the shape of the bottle typical of apothecaries or emporiums of the time and a label with an embossed design of a steamship with a font reminiscent of the characters of those times.

Seri Pervas' London Dry Gin is produced through a careful selection of botanicals such as juniper berries, coriander seeds, cardamom, basil, rosemary and olive leaves, and elderflower; the addition of a minimal amount of Adriatic seawater and lemon essential oil round out the scents and provide a unique and inimitable flavour. On the nose, the hints of the botanicals are noticeable: a strong balsamic balanced by Mediterranean notes and the frankness of olive leaves. In the mouth, it is dry, with an evident sapidity combined with the retronasal hint of Mediterranean scrub; the finish is dominated by freshness.


Clean and crystalline


Pure, clean, dry and with excellent freshness


Notes of Mediterranean scrub, spices, citrus and hints of the sea