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Gin London Dry Bulldog - 100cl

Gin London Dry Bulldog - 100cl


The "Bulldog" Gin is a London Dry with a traditional style: a soft and spicy distillate, with notes of recognizable juniper but well integrated in a classic and impeccable style. A high-quality gin that embodies the authentic British spirit

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Alcohol content

40 %


100 cl Bottle


The Bulldog London Dry Gin is made in England and within a few years was named by Wine Enthusiast Magazine's 50 best alcoholic products in the world. In 2007 the American Anshuman Vohra boldly launched on the market Bulldog, an innovative concept of gin that was born as something traditional revised in a modern way. Its flavor comes from a mix of ingredients that give it unique features including: juniper and iris that come from Tuscany, coriander from Morocco, lemons from Spain, lavender from France, a touch of eccentricity given by Dragon Eye, a fruit of Chinese origin similar to lichi, used in antiquity as a stimulant and lotus leaves from China. This mix is carefully distilled in a traditional method and is chosen as the center for the production of an old distillery that produces gin London for over 250 years. Four distillation processes and a process of purification through a triple filtration, give it a harmonious taste and unique enough to be already been called "the perfect gin to mix in cocktails." A gin and refined, the first to combine ingredients from four continents. The bottle, with its minimalist design but aggressive, perfectly expresses its modern soul, winning the greatest connoisseurs and enthusiasts.


Clear and bright


Modern, elegant, with a lovely freshness and fresh aromas


Pleasant notes of juniper and iris, lemon and lavender