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The revolutionary London Dry Gin born of ingredients from around the world
Region Inghilterra Orientale (Inghilterra)
Foundation Year 2007
Address The Distillery, Crosswells Rd, Oldbury B68 8HA (Regno Unito)

Bulldog gin was born out of the passion for gin and gin-based cocktails of the young banker Anshuman Vohra, an ingenious representative of a new production approach and an innovative distillate that revolutionised the traditional and conservative London Dry Gin industry. Inspired by his travels worldwide, assisted by skilled master distillers, Vohra devised an exotic blend of 12 botanicals from 8 different countries to be used as raw material for a modern, innovative gin with a smooth and inimitable flavour. The ultra-modern bottle design summates the experimental approach of the gin thus produced; simultaneously, the link to English tradition is expressed by the name 'Bulldog' and the explicit reference to Winston Churchill.

Bulldog gin is made from Norfolk wheat from the fertile region of East England, the crystal-clear waters of Wales and an innovative blend of 12 botanical ingredients from around the world: Chinese Longan (also known as 'Dragon's Eye'), white poppy from Turkey, Chinese lotus leaves, lemons and almonds from Spain, cassia from Indochina, French lavender, Iris florentina roots, Italian juniper, Chinese liquorice and angelica from Germany. From all these highly sought-after raw materials and after a quadruple distillation process, a refined and original gin is born, award-winning and successfully distributed all over the world, to be savoured and enjoyed neat but also suitable for creating traditional or innovative cocktails, of excellent quality and extraordinarily able to amaze.

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