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Gin 'Coca Leaf Green' Amuerte

Gin 'Coca Leaf Green' Amuerte


"Coca Leaf Green" Amuerte is a gin with a unique and authentic personality, perfect for a cocktail by the sea. Its unique flavour comes from the combination of coca leaves with caruba fruit, a hybrid of banana and passion fruit. Fresh and tropical with balsamic hints, it pairs perfectly with a neutral tonic

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Vernatsch 50%, Pinot Noir 50%



Alcohol content

43 %


70 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation with maceration on the skins for 24 hours


10 months in oak barrels of 500 liters


Amuerte "Coca Leaf Green" Gin is a distillate with an absolutely original and innovative character. It was born from the desire to create a label with a strong personality, capable of surprising and offering a Gin with a unique and inimitable taste. Starting from the traditional recipe of the classic London Dry Gin, Amuerte decided to enrich the recipe with Peruvian Coca Leaf and Curuba Fruit. Thanks to these two botanicals, the distillate acquires an aromatic profile that distinguishes it from the rest of the production and makes it a true speciality dedicated to the most curious and novelty-conscious enthusiasts.

 Coca Leaf Green' Gin is a label produced by a Belgian brand. Amuerte was born out of the desire of two young enthusiasts from distilling families to create a company capable of innovating the spirits sector with a breath of creativity. The basic ingredient of Gin is coca leaves that come from the Peruvian forest, where they are still used today to combat physical fatigue and for their therapeutic properties. Another key ingredient is Curuba Fruit, also known as banana passion fruit, which gives pleasant fruity notes. These two unusual ingredients are joined by botanicals: juniper, cardamom, coriander, Sichuan pepper, tamarillo, oranges, red pepper, papaya, South American dragon fruit, Peruvian physalis, i.e. alkekengi, and organic finger lime. During the distillation phase, the coca leaves lose their active ingredients and only release their aromas.

Amuerte 'Coca Leaf Green' Gin is a distillate with intense, elegant aromas, capable of expressing a refined and exclusive taste. Its distinctiveness is also underlined by its original packaging. The bottle is, in fact, handcrafted and finished with 24-carat gold foil. To the eye, it is absolutely limpid, transparent and crystalline. The olfactory profile is characterised by vegetal nuances of coca leaves, hints of balsamic herbs, wild herbs, aromas of ripe fruit, tropical fruit and delicate hints of spice. The sip is delicate, soft and suave, with a clear finish and good persistence. It is perfect for making Caribbean cocktails and long drinks.




Fresh, summery, tropical, balanced


Light bitter notes, fruity banana aromas and balsamic hints