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Gin 'Marconi 46' Jacopo Poli

Gin 'Marconi 46' Jacopo Poli

Poli Jacopo

The "Marconi 46" is the gin of the Poli distillery: an all-Italian expression produced with botanicals typical of Asiago, such as juniper and mountain pine. An intense bouquet, fresh and balsamic, animates a soft and harmonious sip, which expresses Italian elegance




Alcohol content

46 %


70 cl Bottle


The “Marconi 46” is the italian Gin of the Poli distillery, inspired by the atmosphere of the Altopiano di Asiago, a mountain place in Veneto. It takes its name from the Italian inventor Guglielmo Marconi and the number 46 indicates the alcohol content of the Gin. This name is not accidental: Marconi 46 in Schiavon is the Poli’s street address.

The Gin “Marconi 46” is distilled by hand with a bain-marie alembic called Crysopea. This distillation method allows to obtain intense and clean aromas and a long persistence. The production process involves the use of botanicals from the mountains that give this Gin a unique personality: juniper, muscat grapes, pine, stone pine, mint, cardamom and coriander.

The Gin “Marconi 46” smells of cool and balmy mountain air, with scents of pine and juniper. It warms the mouth with a clean velvaty touch: the Muscat grape gives a great smoothness to it; the cardamom and the coriander enrich it with elegant hints. Straight, with ice or in fantastic coktails, the Gin “Marconi 46” is the result of the perfect marriage between the ancient tradition of Gin and the Italian excellence.


Clear and bright


Smooth and elegan, with notes of mountain pine, moscato grapes, cardamom and coriander


Fresh and balsamic, with intense hints of juniper