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Grappa di Barbaresco Sibona - 50cl

Grappa di Barbaresco Sibona - 50cl


The Grappa di Barbaresco di Sibona is a young white grappa made from Nebbiolo pomace from the Barbaresco vineyards. It is characterized by ample and varietal aromas and a dry, velvety and harmonious taste, with great structure

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Alcohol content

40 %


50 cl Bottle


In small steel tanks


Sibona's Grappa di Barbaresco is a white grappa with a particularly refined and elegant profile. It is produced using only the fine pomace from the fermentation of Barbaresco wine, made from pure Nebbiolo grapes. This is a raw material of the highest quality, which arrives at the distillery still fresh and fragrant, rich in all the aromas of this great wine of the Langhe. Thanks to Sibona's art in distillation, the grappa restores to the glass all the fine, floral and fruity elegance of Barbaresco, reintroducing its best varietal characteristics.

Grappa di Barbaresco is one of the finest of Sibona's white grappas. Distillates that are not aged in wood are particularly appreciated by grappa purists, who especially like to rediscover in a nitid and clean way the aromas of the grape without the contribution of tertiary and boisé hints. Sibona can boast a long experience in the field of spirits. The company was established in the early 1930s and since then has always been one of the best examples of quality, unanimously recognized. The success of Grappa di Barbaresco lies first and foremost in the fine pomace and the timeliness with which it is brought to the distillery to be immediately processed. It is a grappa of great elegance that well represents the world of distillates the characteristics of Barbaresco wine.

Grappa di Barbaresco is one of Sibona Distillery's best-loved young grappas. A symbol of the Barbaresco territory, known worldwide for the refined finesse of its wines, it perfectly reflects its identity, characteristics and prestigious profile. In the glass, it has a brilliant, clear and perfectly transparent appearance. The olfactory profile gives subtle floral aromas and delicate notes of small red berries. The entry on the palate is soft and intense, of great cleanliness and finesse, with a very expressive centre of the mouth, which precedes an elegant and persistent finish, pleasantly refreshing.


Clear and crystal


Dry and velvety, elegant and well-balanced


Intense and coinvolgent varietal notes