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Grappa Riserva affinata in Botti di Tennessee Whiskey Sibona - 50cl

Grappa Riserva affinata in Botti di Tennessee Whiskey Sibona - 50cl


This Sibona Reserve Grappa Ages in oak barrels for at least 30 months, at least 12 of which are in barrels already used for Tennessee Whiskey. It has an intense and complex personality, with full-bodied, enveloping aromas of malt and noble spices




Alcohol content

44 %


50 cl Bottle


Some years in oak barrels, then a few months in casks used to elevate Tennessee Whiskey


The Grappa Riserva aged in Tennessee Whiskey Barrels presented by Sibona is one of several labels that the distillery dedicates to "double ageing," a technique by which the final stage of ageing is accomplished in barrels that previously contained other spirits or fortified wines. In this case, the final stage of ageing takes place in barrels that contain Tennessee Whiskey, and one can indeed trace in this Grappa a malt aroma that is its main characteristic. An intense and refined label, ideal for gifting to friends who are distillate enthusiasts.

Tennessee Whiskey Barrel-aged Reserve Grappa is created from the distillation of fresh pomace from different grape varieties, which, once harvested, is brought to Sibona's distillation facilities. Here, where every stage of production is followed to the smallest detail, distillation is initiated and operated thanks to copper stills. Once the Grappa is obtained, it is rested for 18 months in oak barrels and then matured, for another 12 months, in barrels previously used to age Tennessee Whiskey. At the end of this step, the Grappa is ready to be bottled and marketed.

This Tennessee Whiskey Barrel-aged Reserve Grappa announces itself to the eye with a bright and shining colour, decidedly amber. The range of aromas that envelops the nose moves on an olfactory texture from which a malt note emerges, enriched by a flurry of spicy hints. On the palate, it is ample and swaddling, with a delicate sip with personality, ending with a finish of excellent persistence. Sibona, a leading name in Italian distilling, gives us yet another gem in a range that never ceases to amaze us.


Deep and bright amber


Elegant, soft, soothing, full of personality and persistent


Intense notes of malt and refined, with a finish of fine spices