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Grappa Sarpa Jacopo Poli

Grappa Sarpa Jacopo Poli

Poli Jacopo

White Grappa produced from pomace of Merlot and Cabernet, with herbous and floral perfumes and a well-structure rustic taste




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle


Jacopo Poli's Grappa Sarpa is one of the most representative labels of this famous distillery in Vicenza. It was born with the intention of giving voice to the ancient tradition of the territory and to reintroduce that straightforward, simple and direct taste of the artisanal grappa of the past, but made with the aim of the highest quality. The first bottle saw the light of day in 1983, after several years of experimentation, in an attempt to recreate the flavors of memory, interpreted, however, with finesse and elegance. Today it is the grappa that perfectly embodies the classic taste of the distillate, young, fragrant and very typical. A sip that takes us back to the past and its character of authenticity.
Sarpa is a grappa created by Jacopo Poli after going on a real sensory journey in search of the assonances of the past to bring into the present. The first question to be addressed concerned the grape varieties to be used. Referring to the tradition of the Vicenza area, he decided to go for the pomace of international red grape varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc and Merlot. A true Bordeaux cut applied to the world of grappa, which also well represented family traditions. The pomace is processed while still fragrant, so as to preserve its aromatic richness. Distillation takes place in traditional stills and is followed by Jacopo Poli with great care, so as to achieve maximum purity.
Grappa di Jacopo Poli Sarpa is the label that best tells the story of Venetian grappa and its most authentic and traditional characteristics. Young and crystalline, it re-proposes the oldest face of the distillate, without any aging in wood. To the eye it is clear, bright and transparent. On the nose it is delicate, with pleasantly fruity aromas, reminiscent of small red berries, cherry, currant, morello cherry, floral hints of iris, geranium, hints of medicinal and balsamic herbs. Soft and suave on the palate, it gives in immediate pleasure of a fragrant distillate, which is appreciated for its freshness and clear, lingering taste..


Crystalline, limpid


Rustic, generous, with a nice persistence


Notes of mint, rose and geranium