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'Indomato Macerato' DS Bio

'Indomato Macerato' DS Bio

DS Bio

"Indomato Macerato" from DS Bio winery is an orange wine made from Maturano, Pampanaro and Trebbiano, which owes its fascinating amber color to the long maceration of the must in contact with the skins, from which it also derives its pleasant tannic texture. A fresh and aromatic wine, characterized by a distinct savory streak, produced by paying full respect for the land and the raw material



Frusinate IGT


Maturano, Pampanaro, Trebbiano and other local grapes


Alcohol content

12 %


75 cl Bottle


Spontaneous fermentation with indigenous yeasts and 6-month maceration in contact with the skins

Filosofia produttiva

Organic, Macerated on grape peel, Indigenous yeasts, Biodynamic, Natural, Orange Wine, Vegan Friendly

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


DS Bio 'Indomato Macerato' is a macerated white wine with a strong and vibrant character, made on the first Apennine hills in the province of Frosinone with grapes from vineyards that are more than a hundred years old, rooted on a free-range rootstock and marinated with olive trees. This ancient cultivation technique, known as 'alberata', was the one traditionally used in the area to optimise the limited area of arable land. Thanks to the tenacity of the farmers of these mountains, native varieties such as Maturano Bianco, Pampanaro, Capolongo, Lecinaro and Uva Giulia have survived to the present day. Danilo Scenna, founder of DS Bio, has recovered this farming tradition by applying a highly environmentally friendly viticulture.

DS Bio's 'Indomato Macerato' consists of a blend of Maturano Bianco, Pampanaro and Trebbiano, varieties cultivated on free-range in accordance with biodynamic principles. The vines, located at an altitude of more than 600 metres, are more than one hundred years old and are grown from trees on loose soils characterised by a high presence of skeleton, sandstone and limestone. Following the harvest, the grapes are mellowed for spontaneous alcoholic fermentation accompanied by a prolonged skin maceration of no less than 6 months. Throughout the vinification and maturation process, the liquid is not subjected to any clarification or filtration.

In the glass, the Latium orange wine 'Indomato Macerato' DS Bio takes on an intense orange colour with golden hues. The vivid and vibrant range of aromas ranges from perceptions of ripe fruit, citrus peel, macerated flowers, Mediterranean herbs and honey, with hints of minerals and dried fruit in the background. Savoury and dynamic on the palate, where juicy freshness blends with a light tannic texture in a long finish.


Bright orange with golden hues


Fresh, savory and juicy, with delicate tannin


Bouquet ranging from mineral and fresh notes to aromatic floral nuances