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Madeira Meio-Seco Verdelho 10 YO Barbeito

Madeira Meio-Seco Verdelho 10 YO Barbeito


Barbeito's Madeira Meio-Seco Verdelho 10 YO is a sweet wine made from Verdelho, a white berry grape popular in Portugal. It ages 10 years in French oak barrels according to the Canteiro method, acquiring structure and smoothness on the palate and very intense aromas of candied fruit, raisins and honey. A warm and and persuasive wine to try with a dish of spaghetti with clams, an unusual but impressive pairing!




Madeira DOC


Verdelho 100%


Alcohol content

19 %


75 cl Bottle


More than 10 years in French oak barrels

Filosofia produttiva


Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Madeira Meio-Seco Verdelho 10 YO, offered by Vinhos Barbeito, is a classic version of the famous fortified wine from this Portuguese island, located off the coast of Morocco. The production process follows the best local customs and a consolidated savoir-faire, jealously handed down over the centuries from generation to generation. The long ageing in noble woods gives an extraordinary aromatic complexity to the wine, which translates into a deep, dense and fascinating sip. It is a very long-lived wine that keeps well for several months, even once opened.

Meio-Seco Madeira Verdelho 10 YO is produced by a historical winery in the area. The Vinhos Barbeito winery was founded after World War II and, over the following decades, has established itself as one of the best wine producers on the island of Madeira. It produces a range of high-quality labels, still characterised by an artisanal style. The wine is made from the indigenous Verdelho grape variety, cultivated in the fine areas of São Vicente and Prazeres. The best grapes are vinified according to ancient tradition. The fermentation process is stopped by adding pure alcohol to maintain a residual sugar content, making the taste softer and more persuasive. The wine matures for 10 years in French oak barrels, according to the Canteiro method, whereby the barrels remain in the warm and constant microclimate of the cellar attics.

The Verdelho 10 YO Madeira Meio-Seco, produced by the winery Vinhos Barbeito, is a great fortified wine to be enjoyed with dark chocolate with a high percentage of cocoa, candied fruit, or to be enjoyed neat in an after-dinner drink with friends. It is a beautiful bright gold colour with light amber reflections to the eye. Intense and complex, it expresses an aromatic palette characterised by scents of

soft oriental spices, notes of walnuts, toasted nuts, bitter orange peel, candied fruit, figs, dates, hints of chestnut honey, caramel, nuances of noble woods, iodine and brackish memories. Ample and rich, it has dense and deep aromas that give a harmonious sip with a fresh and very persistent finish.


Golden yellow with amber highlights


Soft and enveloping, slightly mineral, with delicate acidity that prolongs the finish on the palate


Intense notes of raisins and honey lightened by a fresh citrus undertone