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Maistru Sa Defenza 2022

Maistru Sa Defenza 2022

Sa Defenza

Maistru from Sa Defenza winery is a white wine macerated on the skins, striking at first glance for its intense golden hues. The nose offers citrus and yellow-fleshed fruit aromas, accompanied by slight herbaceous hints and a soft note of almond that emerges on the finish, accompanying a full, intense and enveloping, slightly savory sip. A wine that, if left to rest a few years in the cellar, will be able to tell its many facets even better




Alcohol content

12.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Maceration for a few days in contact with the skins and spontaneous alcoholic fermentation with indigenous yeasts

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural, Macerated on grape peel

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Maistru' is a macerated white wine with sweet and fragrant aromas produced by the Sardinian winery Sa Defenza. This artisanal, strictly family-run winery operates in Donori, within the historical region of Parteòlla, a hilly territory cultivated by man since ancient times. The estate's 40 hectares are dedicated to vines, olive trees, orchards and Mediterranean scrub in an environmental context rich in biodiversity, a fundamental factor for the Marchi family, custodians of this land since the 1920s. The varieties cultivated by the sibling's Paolo, Pietro and Anna Marchi, the current owners, are mainly those of the local tradition, including Vermentino, Nuragus, Semidano and Moscato as far as white grapes are concerned. The appellation 'Maistru' comes from the Sardinian language and means 'master'.

Sa Defenza 'Maistru' comes from a single white grape vine grown in a truly sustainable manner, without the use of any synthetic chemical products. The vines rest on sandy soils of a granitic nature and are cultivated as small trees. After manual harvesting, the grapes are transferred to the cellar, destemmed and mellowed in stainless steel tanks where alcoholic fermentation occurs spontaneously thanks to the presence of only indigenous yeasts, accompanied by a few days of skin maceration. Throughout processing, the wine then undergoes no clarification or filtration.

The macerated white wine 'Maistru' is a brilliant golden-yellow colour. The olfactory range offers hints of yellow-fleshed fruit, citrus peel, wildflowers and dandelion honey, surrounded by hints of almonds and herbaceous and Mediterranean hints. Full and intense on the palate, with an enveloping and pleasantly savoury finish.


Bright golden yellow


Full and intense, with an enveloping sip and pleasantly savory on the finish


Notes of yellow-fleshed fruit, lemon zest, herbaceous and Mediterranean hints, and hints of almond on the finish