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Negroni 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl

Negroni 'Ready to Drink' DelMago - 50cl


The Negroni DelMago is a haute cuisine Cocktail ready to be served in a classic Old Fashioned glass with ice and an orange zest. It is made by mixing three ingredients in equal parts: Gin, Vermouth and Bitter, all by DelMago. It has an aromatic profile, intense and decisive, with a classic citrus and rhubarb note. To combine with tasty croutons! Ideal for 5 Cocktail



Alcohol content

25 %


50 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Vermouth DelMago (wine, sugar, alcohol, herbal infusion, natural flavourings), Bitter DelMago (water, sugar, alcohol, natural flavourings, colourings E122, E102) and Gin DelMago


DelMago's Negroni 'Ready to Drink' is an innovative and original label which perfectly interprets the spirit of our times, dominated by haste, speed and the ever more pressing demand to have what you want right away at that precise moment. Too complicated to turn yourself into a bartender whenever you want a good cocktail to drink with friends? DelMago has created the bottle that solves precisely this problem. It is a ready-made Negroni cocktail, perfectly mixed in the right proportions and made with high-quality artisanal ingredients. Your favourite cocktail is always available to pour whenever you want for absolute pleasure.

The 'Ready to Drink' Negroni is part of the line of a Piedmontese company that has been able to establish itself in the public eye thanks to the excellent quality level of its products and an original creative streak. DelMago is the brainchild of star chef Marcello Trentini, who wanted to translate his passion for the fascinating world of cocktails into a series of bottles. Starting with spirits and liqueurs, the company's range was then enriched with 'Ready to Drink' labels, true specialities that make perfectly crafted cocktails available to everyone. All production is based on carefully selected ingredients, from spirits to botanicals. Processing is still carried out according to artisanal standards. The Negroni comes from a perfect blend of Vermouth DelMago, Bitter DelMago and Gin DelMago.

DelMago's Negroni 'Ready to Drink' is a classic version of one of the most famous and popular cocktails. It was born in Florence in the 1920s as a variant of the Americano, from an intuition of Count Camillo Negroni, who asked to replace seltzer with Gin. It is a beautiful bright garnet red with luminous reflections. On the nose, it offers a particularly intense and elegant bouquet with aromas of officinal herbs, bitter orange peel, rhubarb, soft spices, aromatic herbs and balsamic hints. The sip is ample, with an enveloping aromatic richness, dense and finely faceted, leading to a very persistent finish. Already ready, it only asks to be poured into savouring all its fragrance and intensity.



Bright red garnet


Warm, intense, rich and with pleasant citrine and aromatic sensations


Notes of sweet spices, aromatic herbs, bitter hints and citrus peel