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Passito 'Sol' Ezio Cerruti - 37.5cl

Passito 'Sol' Ezio Cerruti - 37.5cl

Cerruti Ezio

Ezio Cerruti's "Sol" is a wine Passito as anomalous and subversive as its producer, but symbolic for the category, thanks to refined and never cloying characteristics. The bouquet noticeable on the nose is broad, with notes of honey, exotic fruit, herbs and from a slight toasted note. On the palate it is balanced, fresh, enveloping and with hints of honey. Perfection!




White grapes


Alcohol content

15 %


37.5 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Independent Winegrowners, Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Ezio Cerruti's Passito Sol is one of the most vital and enthralling expressions of Italian sweet wine, a surgical fusion of sweetness and spraying freshness. A true unicum, the one produced by Ezio Cerruti, the one we feel defines the master of Moscato in Piedmont since he has always tried his hand at all the expressions obtainable from this extraordinary grape, obtaining accomplished and territorial liquids. Never trivial and predictable, Ezio's wines reflect what is his personality, never tame and always in the mood for experimentation, maintaining as cardinal principles the absolute respect for grapes and territory, so much so that in the vineyard and in the cellar, no chemical or synthetic substances are used, helping himself only with a little copper and sulfur. Ezio's real merit is that of interpreting Moscato without frills or superstructures, keeping its aromatic charge intact but balancing it with drinkability, freshness and saline lengthening, characteristics that make his liquids irresistible, and also aimed at virtuous pairings, even with savoury foods.

Sol wine is made from white grapes left to dry for two months in the vineyard. The approach to farming, as already mentioned, involves only the use of copper and sulfur so as to preserve the vitality of the soil and fruit, while in the winery, we proceed strictly with spontaneous alcoholic fermentation, few racking, and sulfur additions reduced to a minimum, so as to obtain liquids that fully capture the essence of the grape and the terroir.

The passito Sol presents itself in the glass with a dense amber hue, edged with auburn highlights. Unsettling nose in terms of definition and complexity, where hints of dehydrated apricot, acacia honey, papaya, and sage intersect for an olfactory profile already played on freshness-matter dualism. Taste that confirms what was foreshadowed on the nose, where the liquid shows itself to be, yes, sweet and filling, but at the same time almost graceful due to the boost of freshness and savoriness that enlivens the liquid. Masterpiece.


Amber, with light auburn hues


Fresh and with perfect balance, refined, with intense flavors of citrus and honey


Variedtal bouquet, reminiscent of honey, exotic fruits, herbs and a slight toasty note in closing