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Rum Abuelo Anejo 12 Anni (Packaging)

Rum Abuelo Anejo 12 Anni (Packaging)


The Rum Abuelo 12 years is rich, pleasant and balanced, one of the most famous expression of light Latin or Spanish style. It has delicate adn sweet perfumes of vanilla, spices, citrusm leather and dried fruits and a smooth, fresh and harmonic taste, with a good persistence

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Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Sugar cane molasses


12 years in American small oak barrels, in which Bourbon has been aged


As delicate and intriguing in its aromas as it is pleasant to taste, this 12-year-old Rum Anejo brings with it all the beauty of the Panamanian territory, where sugarcane grows with vigor and strength, guaranteeing a raw material of great value to the Abuelo distillery. A family-run business for more than a hundred years, where the Varela family continues to distill by following a precise path of uncompromising quality, from which memorable labels come to life. Just like this 12-year-old Anejo, which after a long period of aging reveals itself to the palate with a rich and silky taste that captivates from the very first moments.

Abuelo is a distillery that always relies on sugar cane of the highest quality to make each of its Rums. This is also the case with this 12-year-old Anejo, which is made from molasses from plants grown a short distance from where Abuelo is based. Distillation, a crucial stage of production, is carried out thanks to four column stills. At the end of the production process, the resulting Rum is aged for twelve years in American oak barrels which previously contained Bourbon.

The 12-year-old Rum Abuelo Anejo presents itself in the glass with a color reminiscent of amber, with a bright and bright hue. The olfactory profile that stands out on the nose tells rich notes, which from spicy, where vanilla emerges above all, veers towards nuances tending towards citrus. On the palate it has an excellent structure, with a delicately soft sip; it ends with a finish characterized by an aftertaste of dried fruit and almond. A bottle with an intense profile, to be reserved for those evenings when the flow of thoughts needs a trusted and complicit sip, which only the best Rums are able to offer.


Bright amber


Smooth, fresh, agile and balanced, with persistent aromas of dried fruits, almonds and vanilla


Rich, pleasant and sweetm with scents of vanilla, nutmeg, citrus fruits, spices and leather