Rum El Dorado Demerara 12 Anni

Il Rum El Dorado 12 anni nasce nella Guyana, sulle rive del Demerara, da melassa di canna di zucchero e invecchia per 12 anni in vecchi barili di Bourbon. Note dolci e speziate di miele e frutta tropicale si uniscono in un sorso asciutto e corposo, di grande intensità ed eleganza

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Made of
Blend of rums from sugar cane molasses, distilled with Enmore and Diamond Coffey Still and from Port Mourant double wooden pot stills
Alcohol content
Bottle Size
70 cl Bottle - no original package
12 years in Bourbon casks

To drink it at its best

Service temp.
Low Balloon
Low Balloon

The Low Balloon for the Rum allows to take it with the palm of the hand, warming the spirit with the body temperature and it allows to the volatile components to breathe and to be appreciated more

sommelier's description

El Dorado Rum 12 years is an assemblage of different traditional rums selected in different countries of South America and distillates by the historical Enmore, Diamond and Port Mourant stills of Demerara distillery in Guayana. Aged in ex-bourbon oak barrels, it is an elegant and hedonistic rum, with a great balance. Its label depicts a maritime artwork that emphasizes also the design of the bottle, inspired in fact by the form of the ancient containers used in the movements on the Demerara River, centuries ago, by the old sugar planters.

With a strong amber color, at the nose manifests notes of tropical fruit, spices, honey and brown sugar. In the mouth, the taste of fruit and spice is rich, pure and decisive. The finish is beautiful, elegant and dry. Perfect to drink in meditation, it is equally valuable to mix cocktails.

Winner of many awards, such as the double gold medal in 2013 and 2014 at the International Wine & Spirit Competition in London, El Dorado 12 years represents the best of the sweet identity of Demerara rums.

Colour Deep amber

Scent Notes of honey and brown sugar, with hints of tropical fruits and spices

Taste Very balanced, pure and with a beautiful power

producer: Demerara

Distillati principali
Foundation Year
Demerara Distillers Limited, E Bank Public Road - Guyana