Rum Millonario XO (Packaging)

Millonario Rum XO is a very elegant distillate from Peru, with intense, warm and tropical aromas, aged in oak barrels for over 20 years. It is expressed in a delicate and subtle bouquet of dried fruit, cinnamon and fine pastry. The taste is soft and velvety, harmonious and very intriguing

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Produced by

Sugar cane




Lambayeque (Perù)

Alcohol content


Bottle size

70 cl Bottle - with original package


Selection of rum aged until 20 years in oak barrels

To enjoy it at its best

Serving temp.
Low Balloon
Low Balloon

The Low Balloon for Rum allows to take it with the hand, warming the spirit with the body temperature and it allows the volatile components to breathe and to be appreciated more


The Ron Millonario comes from Peru, the country is certainly not known in the world as a producer of Rum but with this product has received critical acclaim worldwide. Aged twenty long years in oak barrels the Ron Millonario XO is the must of the company. A spirit of excellence that comes from scented, carefully selected molasses, with a thickness aromatic are likely to be, thanks to distillation, a high-end rum with all the features to be able to grow old long. Produced in the northern part of the country consists of a careful assembly of old vintage and is characterized by a scent enveloping and very seductive. The color is amber and thanks to the sweet notes of fig and date manages to be appreciated by a wider audience. It is the dried fruit actual main character and, along with the cinnamon and subtle notes of cigar box, intoxicating smell with perfume and decided that touch also pleasant aromas of pastry. The taste is sweet, smooth, balanced with complex notes of dried fruit, toffee and cloves. Accompanied dark chocolate expresses the best of themselves.

Colour Deep amber and elegant

Scent Notes of dried fruit, figs, almonds, with a finale that recalls the cinnamon

Taste Elegant, intense, intriguing and exciting

producer: Millonario

Distillati principali
Foundation year
Chiclayo (Perù)
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