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Sake Junmai Mikawa

Sake Junmai Mikawa


Mikawa's Sake Junmai is an intriguing 'nihonshu'. It is fermented according to the Yamahai method, that focuses on using rice and koji only, with no other additions. It is bright yellow in color, and the nose is reminiscent of saltiness and pickled lemons. The palate is very fresh, gastronomic: try it with mushroom dishes




Alcohol content

18 %


72 cl Bottle

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Sake Junmai is the result of the craftsmanship of Mikawa, Sagakura (in Japanese, the cellar where the sake is brewed), which for over two centuries has been committed to maintaining the purity and authenticity of Nihonshu (the term for sake) production. Founded way back in 1832, Mikawa is an icon of craftsmanship perfection in the world of sake, and every sip of this Junmai conveys a unique and unforgettable experience that enchants the senses and seeps into the heart of anyone who tastes it.

The territory of Shonai, where this Sagakura is based and where Sake Junmai Mikawa comes to life, is a land blessed by a mild climate and surrounded by breathtaking landscapes that offer ideal conditions for growing high quality rice. The crystal-clear water that flows from Mount Nasu, combined with the skill of the artisans, gives this Nihonshu its distinctive, complex yet balanced characteristics. Junmai is made through the Yamahai fermentation method, which maximises the qualities of Fukui's Koshihikari rice and koji, without the addition of any other ingredients. 

Sake Junmai Mikawa is a riot of flavours and aromas that exalt the palate and captivate the senses. Its brilliant, luminous colour is just the prelude to an aromatic bouquet that evokes unique sensations: from the saltiness of sea waves to the freshness of salted lemon. On the palate, a balanced acidity and freshness explode, enticing you to sip again and again. Its lemon notes go wonderfully well with umami-rich dishes such as selected cheeses, fresh truffles and mushroom dishes. The sensory experience offered by Sake Junmai Mikawa is a tribute to Japanese tradition and craftsmanship excellence, bound to seduce even the most discerning and refined palates.


Vivid straw yellow


Very fresh, savory, slightly umami and mildly rustic


Yuzu, lemon, iodine hints, shiitake mushroom