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Sake Kid Junmai Ginjo Heiwa

Sake Kid Junmai Ginjo Heiwa

Heiwa Shuzo

The Sake Kid Junmai Ginjo Heiwa is a fresh and delicate sake from Wakayama: "Kid," its name, is really a play on words between Kishu, the ancient name of the region, and Fudo, which means land - son of the land of Wakayama. The palate is slightly fruity and balanced, with a lively and fragrant finish, while the nose expresses notes of apple, pear, floral and ginger hints. Perfect to pair with shellfish, white fish or dashi broth dishes




Alcohol content

15 %


72 cl Bottle

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


We embark on a journey to the terres of Wakayama, Japan, to discover Sake Kid Junmai Ginjo Heiwa, a creation that embodies the very essence of the region. The name "Kid" is a subtle play on words that merges "Kishu", the ancient name for Wakayama, with "Fudo", meaning land, representing the deep connection of this Nihonshu (Japanese term for sake) with its homeland. With a label that evokes peace and tranquillity, Kid Junmai Ginjo has a distinct freshness and enveloping delicacy, inviting palates to take a second sip;

The Heiwa Winery, whose name means 'peace', was founded in 1928 in the picturesque Wakayama Prefecture. Located within an ancient thousand-year-old temple and surrounded by mountains and natural springs, this winery strives to create products that reflect the landscape, climate and raw materials of their homeland. Using the Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku rice, the Kurabito (those who work in the Sakagura, the cellar where the sake is brewed) work passionately under the guidance of Mr Yamamoto to produce the highest quality beverages;

Sake Kid Junmai Ginjo Heiwa presents itself with a colour tending towards yellow. On the nose, notes of apple, pear, floral and ginger hints open up, resulting in a slightly fruity and well-balanced taste. The palate is enveloped in a clean, lively flavour that evolves into a fragrant, satisfying finish. Perfect paired with shellfish, scallops and dashi broth dishes, Kid Junmai Ginjo lends itself to a wide variety of culinary occasions, offering a harmony of tastes and aromas that will delight every palate.


Very light yellow


Clean, delicate, with a fresh, lively finish


Notes of red apple and pear accompanied by floral and ginger scents