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Sangiovese di Predappio 'Gualdo Biosimbiotico' Poderi dal Nespoli 2021
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Sangiovese di Predappio 'Gualdo Biosimbiotico' Poderi dal Nespoli 2021

Poderi dal Nespoli

Sangiovese di Predappio 'Gualdo Biosimbiotico' Poderi dal Nespoli is an authentic expression of the Bidente Valley territory. Cultivated with love in biosymbiotic vineyards, this Sangiovese offers a brilliant red colour and a fruity bouquet of cherry and violet. Fresh and light, it pairs beautifully with tagliatelle with rabbit ragout and partially matured cheeses. A sensory journey into the heart of Romagna




Romagna DOC


Sangiovese 100%


Alcohol content

13.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Cultivation of grapes in biosymbiotic vineyard, fermentation in steel


Several months in French oak

Filosofia produttiva

Natural, Organic

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites , bio da agricoltura Italia o EU


The Sangiovese di Predappio 'Gualdo Biosymbiotic' is a high-quality wine produced by Poderi dal Nespoli, an iconic winery located in the heart of the Bidente Valley in Romagna. The winery, included in Italy's first certified biosymbiotic agri-food district, is committed to safeguarding the territory and respecting the environment, producing this particular wine in accordance with these principles. This Sangiovese di Predappio, indeed, originates from a carefully cultivated vineyard that promotes soil biodiversity and the creation of an environment conducive to plant growth. The entire philosophy of Poderi dal Nespoli is reflected precisely in this high-quality wine, respectful of the environment and its resources, symbolizing the connection between humans, nature, and tradition.

The Sangiovese 'Gualdo Biosymbiotic' originates from a 13.5-hectare organic vineyard of Poderi dal Nespoli planted in 2017 and cultivated according to the principles of symbiotic agriculture. This innovative methodology, based on the inoculation of mycorrhizae in the soil, promotes plant health and soil fertility, reducing the use of chemical substances and impacting the environment less. After manual harvesting, the grapes undergo careful winemaking that preserves the characteristics of Sangiovese, giving rise to a wine with a bright red color and violet reflections. Aging takes place in the bottle to enhance the freshness and fruitiness of the wine, which is distinguished by its delicate and young tannins.

The Sangiovese 'Gualdo Biosymbiotic' from Poderi dal Nespoli winery brings out rich aromas of red fruit, accompanied by typical notes of cherry and violet. In the mouth, it reveals a fruity freshness of medium structure, characterized by delicate tannins that give balance to the sip. This versatile wine pairs perfectly with a wide range of dishes, including tagliatelle with rabbit ragù and partially aged cheeses. Thanks to its straightforward and easy-to-drink nature, this Sangiovese represents an authentic expression of the Predappio territory and a tribute to the sustainability and tradition of Romagna's viticulture.


Brilliant red with violet hues


Fresh and fruity, with medium structure and delicate tannins


Aromas of red fruit, cherry and violet