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Spumante Brut 'Tagliamare' Argiolas

Spumante Brut 'Tagliamare' Argiolas


The Sparkling Wine “Tagliamare” by Argiolas is a fresh, lively and modern expression of an ancient Sardinian grape type, produced according to the Charmat Method. It is expressive, fruity, easy drinking and very pleasant




White grapes

Alcohol content

11.5 %


75 cl Bottle


Alcoholic fermentation in steel tanks with aging on the lees for 30 days and second fermentation for 40-50 days according to the Charmat Method

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


Spumante Brut 'Tagliamare' is a sparkling wine with a delicate, marine spirit, produced by the Argiolas winery according to the production rules of the Martinotti method. The great Argiolas winery is a benchmark for Sardinian wines, offering high-quality labels every year that condense all the unique and territorial characteristics of the beautiful region of Sardinia. With this sparkling wine, Argiolas demonstrates its ability to produce extraordinary bubbles too. Tagliamare is a simple and spontaneous, but always satisfying experience, perfect to drink now, to enjoy at the peak of its vitality.

Tagliamare" is a brut sparkling wine made from grapes grown in an area characterized by marl, limestone and clay. The grapes, harvested by hand, give rise to a very delicate must that ferments in steel, remaining on the lees for 30 days; then, in autoclaves, takes place the setting of foam, according to the production rules typical of the Methode Martinotti.

Tagliamare" appears in the glass with a straw-yellow hue, characterized by light greenish highlights, fine beading and good persistence. The aromas that envelop the nose are frank and direct, structured on floral and fruity notes, from which emerge light notes of aromatic herbs. On the palate, it's light, lively and satisfying, thanks to a fresh, mineral mouthfeel that makes it pleasant to drink. Argiolas, a benchmark name in Sardinian oenology, offers us a versatile gourmet label, perfect for sipping on the beach in front of a romantic sunset.


Straw yellow with greenish hues and lively perlage


Fresh, savory, lively, fruity, delicate and esy drinking


Pleasant and expressive, with scents of wild flowers, white fruits, pera, citrus fruits and aromatic herbs