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Spumante 'Sullerba Surlì 1701

Spumante 'Sullerba Surlì 1701

1701 Franciacorta

“Sullerba” is a light and expressive sparkling wine, vinified in jars and in steel vats, with second fermentation in bottle according to the Ancestral method, without disgorging. It has a light yellow colour with the typical residues. The taste is lively and easy drinking, with notes of citrus and aromatic herbs



White grapes


Alcohol content

11 %


75 cl Bottle


First fermentation with indigenous yeasts in terracotta jars and steel tanks for 9 months and second fermentation in bottle. Without filtrations and without disgorging

Filosofia produttiva

Indigenous yeasts, Amphora Wine, Natural

Additional Notes

Contains sulfites


The sparkling wine 'Sullerba' of the Franciacorta 1701 brand is a label inspired by the world of Pet-Nat wines, which for some years now has been gaining more and more fans in our country too. For a winery already famous for its production of organic and biodynamic Franciacorta wines, it was only natural to decide to also produce a sur lies label, in the more traditional spirit of artisanal sparkling wine making. This is a blunt and direct wine, characterised by a remarkable citrus freshness and a dry and savoury, clear and essential taste. A bottle for purists, who like to rediscover the flavours of sparkling wines of the past, revisited in a modern key.

The 'Sullerba' is a Spumante made with the Ancestrale Method by one of the most interesting and original realities of Franciacorta. The 1701 brand was created in 2011 with the acquisition of the Conti Bettoni Cazzago estate, and can count on eleven hectares of vineyards in the hilly area of Cazzago San Martino. The vineyards are managed with full respect for nature, under organic farming methods, with certification in 2015, followed by biodynamic certification in 2016 and membership of Nicolas Joly's "Renaissance des Appelations" association. The grapes come from vineyards located in Sabbioni, Magrì and Brolo, characterised by morainic soils with the presence of silt, sand and abundant skeleton. After soft pressing, the must ferments in steel tanks and in cement containers. The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, using frozen Chardonnay must from the same harvest, without final dégorgement.

The Metodo Ancestrale 'Sullerba', made by the 1701 winery, is a lively, fresh sparkling wine that expresses the youthful fragrance and aromatic exuberance of healthy, genuine grapes. The production process is natural, with vinification carried out with minimal intervention to preserve the primary varietal notes. To the eye, it is pale straw yellow in colour, with greenish reflections and a slight veiling, due to the presence of yeasts in the bottle. The perlage is of good finesse and delicacy. The bouquet is characterised by clear, citrusy notes of lime zest and grapefruit, aromas of green apple and hints of medicinal herbs. The palate is taut and satisfying, savoury and vertical, with a dry, citrusy finish.


Greenish yellow with natural residues


Light, lively, fresh, juicy and easy drinking


Fresh and floral, with delicate hues of citrus and aromatic herbs