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1701 Franciacorta

Wines and sparkling wines from the first biodynamic winery in Franciacorta
Region Lombardia (Italia)
Foundation Year 2011
Vineyard hectares 11
Annual production 80.000 bt
Address Via Galileo Galilei, 44 - 25046 Cazzago San Martino (BS)

1701 Franciacorta is a young reality of the territory, born in 2011 with the acquisition of the agricultural estate of the Conti Bettoni Cazzago family. The name of the winery derives from the first year of production of a wine with the grapes of the vineyards of the historic brolo of the property, a small vineyard surrounded by walls of the eleventh century, evidence of the ancient roots of Franciacorta viticulture. Even today, the prestigious Blanc de Noirs is born from the vineyards of brolo, the spearhead of production. The history of wine in Franciacorta has its roots in past centuries and since the sixteenth century the area has produced still wines. A tradition that remained alive until after the Second World War, when the area experienced a real revolution, with the conversion to the almost exclusive production of high quality Classic Method.

The territory of Franciacorta consists of an amphitheater of morainic origin, generated by a large alpine glacier, which has left as a legacy an area of gentle hills, consisting of lands rich in pebbles, gravel, sand and silt. The soils are poor, very draining and rich in mineral substances useful for the support of the vine. The proximity of Lake Iseo helps to mitigate the climate of the area, avoiding the danger of spring frosts. The 1701 Franciacorta estate is located near Cazzago San Martino, one of the most historically suitable areas of the territory. The vineyards cover a total of 11 hectares, of which 8 are for the cultivation of Chardonnay and 3 for Pinot Noir. The property is divided into several parcels, which are managed and vinified separately, in order to highlight the characteristics of each and have the maximum choice when creating the cuvée.

In the countryside all chemicals have been abolished and the management of vineyards follows the principles of organic farming with certification obtained in 2015 followed by biodynamic in 2016. A decision that respects the environment, created to encourage the development of a balanced ecosystem rich in biodiversity, which allows the production of healthy and genuine wines. The winery is also part of the biodynamic association "Renaissance des Appelations" created by Nicolas Joly and "Vi.Te - Vignaioli e Territori". The use of biodynamic practices has allowed to improve the vitality and natural fertility of the soil, through the care of humus. In the cellar there is a light oenology, with delicate vinifications and made with the minimum oenological intervention. No clarification or filtration processes are used and no sugar or liquer is added to the wines during disgorgement, in order to preserve their natural purity.

1701's Franciacorta
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