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Tequila Anejo Patron

Tequila Anejo Patron


Patron's Tequila Anejo comes from a selection of agave distillates aged for at least 12 months in white oak barrels. It is full-bodied, warm, full of hints that evoke raisins, vanilla and honey, with sweet and smoky nuances. A smooth Tequila to drink straight or in very refined cocktails




Alcohol content

40 %


70 cl Bottle

Prodotto da

Weber Blue Agave


At least 12 months in small white oak barrels


The Tequila Anejo by Patron is an absolutely distinguishable for its finesse. Each step in the production of this spirit, from the collection of the Weber Blue Agave in the highlands of Jalisco in Mexico, to the centuries-old distillation process, packaging, signing and inspection of each bottle, the base has the craft handmade and with extreme precision. It uses the finest quality agave called Weber blue agave that grows in the rich volcanic soils in the hills of the region. These plants have a time average of eight years to mature and develop sugar levels needed to produce the Patron tequila. To produce tequila anejo are combined different varieties of tequila, each aged in small white oak barrels for at least 12 months. As for wine-making, through a blend, you get the desired tequila. Color clear light amber, is perceptible oak, vanilla, melon and raisins with a hint of citrus. The sweet and honeyed of Patron Anejo continue in the mouth with a slightly smoky flavor intense and persistent. Each bottle is numbered by hand and made of recycled glass.


Light and fine amber


Intense, slightly smoky and persistent, extremely fine


Notes of citrus, vanilla, melon and raisins